Daire Ada


Daire Ada is a circle of five islands with a sixth one in the middle. The five circle islands are home to hordes of pirates. The center island was the home to Jheri Myastan, an Elesa Dragon. Now that Jheri Myastan is dead, everyone is wondering what is going to happen to Sakiya Island.  

Notable Locations

Center Island:
Sakiya Island
Circle Islands:
'Ahmar Island Kore Island Morea Island
Mavi Island Rawaya Island

Fauna & Flora

Circle Islands
The five circle islands are rocky, barren island with only cactus, stone, and sand to break up the barrenness.  
Center Island
The center island is a paradise of mountains, forests and four small beaches. The mountains are in the middle of the island and are surrounded by four different types of forests. Each forest has its own creatures, types of trees, resources, and unique features. Each forest also has its own clearing with its own beach area where there is a small port town.

Natural Resources

Circle Islands
Each of the five circle island have sand and stone of various types. The miner's guild have established guild halls in every port and city they can to take advantage of the excessive amounts of stone, gems and crystals. They are searching for Adana Sihiri crystals.  
Center Island
The center island is a paradise forests surrounding a mountain range. There are four separate forests on the island. Each forest holds different types of trees, plants and animals. The mountain range in the middle of the island has its own share of creatures, precious resources, and unique features.


Circle Islands
The Daire Ada chain of islands is home to five different hordes of pirates. The islands get their names from the hordes that live there.  
Center Island
Long before the Circle Islands were home to pirates, Jheri Myastan established his castle on the top of the tallest mountain on Sakiya Island. Then, Jheri proceeded to live his life, shape shifting into different species and genders, finding a mate, having and raising children, then leaving when his/her mate had passed away and the children were grown. Jheri turned Sakiya Island into a safe haven for different creatures and resources that you won't find anywhere else on Inanta.


  • Daire Ada
    A circle of five islands, with a sixth one in the middle. The five islands are home to hordes of pirates. The middle island was home to Jheri Myastan, a dragon. Ze has left zis castle and island vulnerable.

Alternative Name(s)
The Circle Islands
Included Organizations


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