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Mediarana Cazadora


  Mediarana Cazadora are the species that comes from incubating an Enorme Cazador Arana in a magical creature. Depending on if the magical creature is sentient or not, will determine if the Mediarana Cazadora can speak a language and have any special characteristics.

Basic Information


A Mediarana Cazadora looks much like any other spider, though much larger, though not as large as an Enorme Cazador Arana.  A full grown Mediarana Cazadora's leg span runs anywhere from 20-24" from tip to tip, its body anywhere from 5-6 inches, and its head anywhere from 2-2.5 inches.

Genetics and Reproduction

The male Enorme Cazador Arana will fertilize the female Enorme Cazador Arana's eggs via intercourse. Then the female Enorme Cazador Arana will eat the male Enorme Cazador Arana for it nutrients. The female Enorme Cazador Arana will lays its eggs inside a compatible vessel where it will syphon its energy and magic until it's time for the arana babies to be born. Up to 100 Mediarana Cazadora babies can be born at one time, but only a fraction of them will survive. The survivors will eat their deceased sibling for nutrients, and their incubator if the incubator doesn't survive the birth. Usually only 5-10 arana babies survive.

The suitable vessel to get a new batch of Mediarana Cazadora is a magical, sentient or non-sentient animal. These vessels are infected by the female arana injecting her eggs into the belly of the animal, usually while they are sleeping. The Enorme Cazador Arana eggs will incubate for 12 weeks before bursting out of the vessel's belly. This is usually what kills the animal.

The type of vessel decides how different the Mediarana Cazadoras will be. If a magical, non-sentient animal, such as a unicorn or pegasus is used, then the Mediarana Cazadoras are really magical, but smaller versions of the Enorme Cazador Arana. There are great for certain potions and will start their own mating cycles with others of their kind.

However, if the vessel is a magical, sentient animal, such as an elf, human, or dwarf, then they will take on some of the characteristics of that species including being able to speak its language. The characteristics will change depending on the species of the vessel. Also, there is more of a chance of the vessel surviving as their is more chance of healing intervention.

Note: Terminating the incubation of a Enorme Cazador Arana infection is an automatic death sentence to the vessel as the energy, life source, and magic is tied to the eggs until birth.

Growth Rate & Stages

Mediarana Cazadora babies leg span start out anywhere from 3-6" from tip to tip, its body anywhere from 1-2" inches, and its head about .5 inch. With the proper nutrients, an arana baby leg span will grown to anywhere from 10-12" from tip to tip, its body anywhere from 2-3" inches, and its head about 1 inch within the first six month. After that growth rate will slow down. They will reach their adult bodies within 5 years.

Ecology and Habitats

The Mediarana Cazadora prefer caves and desert climates, but are adaptable to most kinds of weather. However, the more moisture in the air, like a swamp or frozen area, will keep some of their bodily functions, like reproduction, in a dormant state. Since they are such adaptable creatures, they can still function in most types of terrain and weather.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Mediarana Cazadora will kill small animals or scavenger as needed. They will eat any dead creature they find if they are hungry. A family will hunt together to bring down larger kills if smaller kills are not available.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Sparassidae Araneae Mediarana
Conservation Status
It is unknown how many Mediarana Cazadora there are out in the world of Inanta.
Geographic Distribution


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