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Sakiya Island


  Sakiya Island is the middle island in a circle of five islands called Daire Ada, in the northernmost ocean on Inanta. It is an island paradise with mountains, forests and four small beaches. It is protected by wards.

It was owned by Jheri Myastan, an Elesa Dragon until ze's death. Now, that ze is dead, no one knows who the new owner will be.  


Jheri Myastan, an Elesa Dragon, came to call this island home during the Era of Creation before known time. Zi made the island, zir's home, a paradise, erecting a ward around the island no other dragons could enter. Jheri started hoarding all manner of different creatures using magic to create habitats that would fit the way they lived. It ended up with a very unique island.   Traveling around the island gives an adventurer the ability to visit all four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, & Winter) in the span of a days as there are creatures, plants, and materials that need those conditions to live. There are also several areas where the sun never reaches or never sleeps, depending on what the inhabitants need. Jheri spent millennium rescuing exotic and almost extinct species, grown and shaping habitats for them, and helping (hoarding) them grow. The only species that Jheri would never let on the island were other dragons.   Jheri used so much magic to keep zis island paradise alive and blooming, that zi laid waste to the magic of the surrounding islands. this is why they are desert wastelands, where only the hardiest of cactus will grow.


  • Sakiya
    Sakiya is the middle island in the Daire Ada circle of island.
    Map of Sakiya was made by Kat Sanders using Wonderdraft.
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