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I record my thoughts of Farpath as they are now but I believe it fair to tell you that these writings will be affected by my first experiences here when I came to Naemore seeking a better life.   The people of Farpath are among the most welcoming I have seen, perhaps the most easygoing group in the kingdom too. Many people here walk the Web. A few carrying goods but most are simply traveling. Some are like I was, coming to Naemore for the first time from beyond her borders; Farpath is the largest entryway for immigrants - even with the increased trade from overseas Winsound Inlet can't compete.   If you find yourself in this region I suggest that you get a little bit lost on the paths in the western hills. The sights are beautiful there and there are plenty of other travelers to keep you company.   'To live is to walk.' as they say.
— Carlyle Westerward, Travel by Horse: Farpath

The Furthest Region

Farpath is the only region of the capitol that does not share a border with the King's Ascent instead sharing its eastern borders with the Parchland and Greenburrow. When the lords vote, Farpath still recieves the same voting power as the others but the distance from the center of the kingdom and its lower resource output leaves it with less power at the bargaining table.   There are no administered regions beyond Farpath and is often talked about as if it was one itself despite the official status it holds within the kingdom. It is thought of as rural and rustic with most of the trends being decades out of date with the current fashions and styles in the more central areas of the capitol.

The Web of Paths

This region has a diverse geography from hills and forests to lakes and plains and the most common way to traverse it is on the many footpaths that give the region the latter part of its name. Within Farpath this network of interconnected walkways is called the Web - notably the region is also known for several varieties of spiders of unusual size.   Through the Web it is possible to traverse the entirety of Farpath. Sometimes fording a river may be necessary to continue onwards, other times a makeshift bridge has been assembled by other travelers. It is possible to obtain maps of part of the Web but they are rarely accurate or recent; such maps are made after the fact by travelers based on their memory of where they saw branches and what other travelers told them of them. The most reliable way to navigate is to talk to other travelers on the path or ask around in the many small communities that dot the region - the latter is also a good way to get a drink, some food, or a place to rest.   Being the most hospitable border region it is the entryway for most immigrants who come to Naemore. Much to the dismay some of the other lords, Tredi Halburun refuses to implement any form of border security arguing adamantly that the peace of Naemore should be shared with everyone.

Living History

For many who visit Farpath there is a sense of nostalgia everywhere they turn. The clothing styles are that of their youth, the songs familiar in tune if different in lyric, and the lifestyle reminiscent of easier times. People from outside think that this is the result of people being poor and purchasing second hand items that make it out to the region and that they are simply too rural to keep up with the pace of life in the city. The citizens of Farpath insist that they choose to carry the past into the present and that this is a special obligation they bear so as to not make the mistakes of those who came before. The truth however, lies somewhere between these two points of view.   It cannot be argued that the average resident of Farpath has less monetary wealth than the average residents of any other region and that purchasing used goods and keeping them in a usable state as long as possible is a common practice. This started long ago and has continued into the present. In the intervening time the people have made keeping the past alive a part of their identity, they dislike waste and enjoy the excitement of singing with strangers songs they all know. Even for people born there who never experienced certain parts of life there - things still do change afterall - or outsiders the culture kindles a sense of anemoia.
Let the legs wander,
speak your thoughts,
drink lots,
and stare into the yonder.
  Eat often,
sing loudly,
stand proudly,
and stop only at the coffin.
— Farpath Saying

The Black Sheep

The presence of Farpath among the other zones of the capitol seem strange to most. This is not surprising given that it is less developed economically and isolated geographically. These are not the factors that determined which places got to be part of Naemore. Each of the seven regions of the capitol were assigned to the first king and his greatest allies. Among these allies was the first leader of Farpath who provided shelter to Jarus's forces and later served as the leader of the reconnaisance unit.
"What the people of the capitol forget is that they too used to be frugal. Only after the kingdom was established did people begin to trade away their clothes every year when new fashions became popular and take down the paintings when they became stale. They have become stuck in a mindset of new is better and haven't stopped to think about why.   Not all of them though, met a very reasonable feller from there that said only people with money could do that. Seems like they think somethings about us that aren't true and even I thought something about all of them that ain't true either."


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Jan 8, 2023 18:42

stop only at the coffin
Wow, that's a quote to live by! I will say that the rest of the article feels very "peaceful", making the people who live there seem very amicable, relaxed, charming... and then the saying goes all in in a different direction. It was a fun direction, but somewhat out of tone with the rest. But maybe that was me misinterpreting the rest of the article. I did love the second part of the saying, though!   I also really liked the fact that this border region is so open to others, so the first "feel" immigrants get is of this welcoming community in a somewhat confusing place :P

Jan 9, 2023 00:29 by Paul

Well, I might need to change something up, tonal whiplash was not the goal!   They just want to live their best lives. Eat, drink, be merry, and be happy until the very end.

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