"Today marks one-hundred years since the founding of this kingdom. One-hundred years of long summers. One-hundred years of prosperity. One-hundred years of safety and of peace. I am confident that our will - the will of every person of Naemore - will carry us forward for one-hundred more!"
— King Aigan Sabah, Centenary Speech

The Kingdom of Summer

When Jarus Sabah founded Naemore, the winters were long and harsh but as if an answer to the peace he brought to the region the seasons warmed and winters shortened. Crop yields greatly increased, the population boomed, and industry has only continued to grow.   Despite the nickname 'Kingdom of Summer' Karai Castle and the nearly-complete King's Spire are both located high on Mount Kalna and are covered in snow most of the year.

The Capitol and the Counties

Naemore is comprised of two primary regions, the capitol which comprises Mount Kalna and the surrounding area and the administered regions which includes every area that was not a part of the nation when it was initially founded.   The capitol region is made up of seven different regions, one is under the direct control of the king and six controlled by the allied lords.   There are many administered regions - or counties - each lead by a county administrator.

Peace in Naemore

Since the first king drove the bandits from the capitol and defeated the Collectors, there has been peace in Naemore. Some scholars will be quick to note - in private - that this was not the case in some areas that have become counties. Some of this fighting was caused by outside forces and organized raiders but some was also carried out in the name of the kingdom to bring in new resources and land. Some counties still harbour ill will against Naemore for their past actions.


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