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In A Mirror

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Long ago a ritual gone wrong shattered every mirror and plunged the world into a dark age. Only when the first king - Jarus Sabah - rose to power did the world begin to move forward again. Now his descendant the sixth king has passed away without an heir.   The king is dead! Long live the king! The king has died and left no heir. The aristocracy is arguing amongst themselves about who should take power. There are rumors that the military leadership is infuriated with their bickering and may seize power themselves. Meanwhile problems affecting the lowest classes are leading to unrest among the populace.   Various guilds employ people for a variety of jobs. It is difficult if not impossible to work in the capital without being part of a guild. One of these guilds employees people who are particularly effective with their spirit companions and they may participate in this power struggle as well.   A spirit companion is a being tied to a person. Each person has a companion. These beings exist alongside their people on the prime world. However, they are capable to traveling through fragments of ancient mirrors and are your easiest way to interact with the shattered world.