Capitol Region

"Welcome the the kingdom's heartland. This is a different place than the counties you are used to. Here there are records of everyone's comings and goings. It isn't uncommon to see soldiers walking the roads alongside caravans stacked high with grain.   I know it might sound a bit controlling but here in the cities you can find just about anything from anywhere. Your favourite food exists here but it is better with Parchland or foreign spices I assure you."

The Cradle of the Kingdom

The capitol region is now the central hub of the kingdom of Naemore. It has been defined by political borders not natural ones. This vast area has many distinct features and has led to many communities with varying histories and cultures - though they now all share the joint history, rules, and ideals of the kingdom.   The region has been divided into seven parts, one ruled by the king and six ruled by the allied lords.   The King's Ascent is the region containing Mount Kalna and the surrounding foothills. This region is controlled by the king and has heavily restricted access.   Kella's Basin contains the largest lake in the kingdom and the regional capital is the city of Lakshavan which floats atop the surface of the lake.   The Kingdom's Spine - or the Spine for short - is located along the mountain range leading northeast from Kalna and produces much of the ore, stone, and metal goods for the kingdom.   The Parchland is located along the edge of the Scar and includes the salt flats to the north. This region is known for open salt mines, strange gemstones extracted from the Scar, and spices that grow in the harsh, dry, climate.   Farpath is the furthest location from the capitol region and the only one that does not share a border with the King's Ascent. This is the region from which most people from ouside of the kingdom enter it.   The breadbasket of the region - Greenburrow - is located in the eastern part of the region. It is large and populous. This region was the least harsh during the long winter but this also made its many communities prime targets for bandits.   Queensvale was never actually ruled directly by the queen. It was however the homeland of the first Queen of Naemore, Kaline Sabah.

The Giant's Shadow

Before the founding of Naemore the capitol region was known by another name. During the long winters that dominated the year - before Jarus Sabah brought them to an end - the sun would never get very high in the sky and Mount Kalna cast a long shadow. Every place this shadow touched was the Giant's Shadow.   The modern borders of the capitol region do not match up with this shadow, nor did the historical borders. Until the kingdom was established and the region mapped and lines drawn, there was no official border.
The land of the lords. A place of rules, regulation, and etiquette. It is very different from home but I am doing my best. The Companion's Guild has a lot more work to offer here and the pay is significantly higher as well. Hope to be home soon to visit.
— Istur, A Letter Home

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