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Iovita Eurrusius

Empress Iovita Eurrusius

The 4th declared Empress of the Aulus Imperium. She installed the Blood Forged to Rule policy in order to protect her family for being dethroned. Her rein ended a great golden age of leaders before the Imperium went into the dark times.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Lunar Affinity

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in the year 2562, her father Varius Eurrusius had begun his extensive work to strength the Imperium and it's holdings. She saw the rise of the Imperium and the rise of it's enemies during her youth. While not directly careful for by her parents, she was surrounded by retainers to train her in the matters of state, diplomacy, war, and art. During this time she was prevented from mingling with others. This made her cold and out of touch, but she was a force to be reckoned with. On at least three occasions assassins tried to take her life, they all failed. It would not be the end of these attacks and she would be ready again.   When her father died, she was 32 and crowned the Empress of the Imperium. Drusa Pompeius, her aunt, tried to upset her claim immediately. Under Imperium law, any one with claims to the bloodline had claim to the throne. While Drusa was a master of deception of political intrigue, Iovita understood the inner mechanics of the government and the loopholes one could exploit. Dursa relied on the law that all descendants of Aulus Eurrusius could become Emperor, but this left out the authority of her brother. Which instated that he would choose the next ruler, for the next three months then which claims can be disputed. This is what Iovita had hoped and used that brief window to create Blood Forged to Rule policy. It stated that family was equal to each other, not to the individual, but you must be connected to the line of Eurrusius. This connection was forged to rule of the land and only ones who have been cultivated to rule can rule. This prevented Drusa's children from their claims, but allowed them to still participate within the government which they preferred over exile. Iovita was Empress and had set a precedent which would stand to this day.   With her claim protected her took to establish the social order with in the country. She was cutthroat with policy making. Any descent against her was swiftly removed from office. She then began to place her family embers in key locations within the government and before anyone realized what had happened the Eurrusius Bloodline had total control over the government. When she founded the Imperium Archives, it has a plce of records to remember who assist the Imperium and who worked against it. They managed all aspects and any rival faction was quickly snuffed out. She forged the Imperium a tool for the family and it's people willing servants of the only true leadership of the world. Her actions instilled fear into her enemies in their homeland and around the continent.

Mental Trauma

Her isolation made her cold to the peasantry. Records state that she hated the poor and how they demand for assistance. They were forged to live in there place in society. Nothing more.


Family Ties

Varius Eurrusius was her father and she had three siblings. She was the eldest and thus favored greatly by her father. Since she was isolated from most everyone, she relied greatly on her siblings for comfort and friendship. It was no wonder why they worked tirelessly to make her Empress.

Hobbies & Pets

She was a fantastic artist who painted in the style of Naturalism. In many of her paintings we can see much of what it was like back then and they could be used for historic record. They still hang within her home and some hang in the homes of our greatest allies.
She was likely the most influential Empress of the Imperium. She greatly changed it's culture and made it to last.
— Archivist Renna
Lawful Neutral
2562 S 2621 S 59 years old
Circumstances of Death
Old Age
Biological Sex
Long Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
Our blood has been forged to rule and the whelps of others are only stepping stones for those rightful rulers.
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

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Cover image: Queen Victoria by Franz Xavier Winterhalter


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