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Dr. Zaphony Von Vertrus

Doctor Zaphony Von Vertrus

Dr. Zaphony Von Vertrus is an odd person who appears in random parts of history. While we don't know why she appears where, she does make an impact.

Physical Description

Body Features

She is special due to having colorful fur and green eyes. Typically Veryas do not have colorful appearance. She has reddish pink fur with a black curved beak . Her eyes are like bright emerald and is considered a beauty to behold.

Special abilities

While having lunar affinity, she also has extended life. While we do not know why this is the case, we believe it's due to her relationship to magic.

Apparel & Accessories

She dresses in something bizarre that we can barely describe. Whatever she wears, it certainly isn't from our plane. However, with her magic parasol, she makes an unique fashion statement.

Specialized Equipment

She is a powerful lunar witch as a well as a great martial artist.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

We don't have a lot of background bout her, but from what she told us. The following history is what she claims.  

The Never Ending Crisis: 1 S

  Reports suggest, as well as her own testimony, she was present during the time frame where the Scions broke apart to form the Scion's Circle. Her story fits the record we have about the event, she adds a few key details. she says that Dantus was a supporter of the circle originally before the first Speaker was selected. He greatly disapprove of the more centralized ideas he had and it was Zaphony that encourage him to change the motion, but he refused. She also mentions that Dantus was not a Dark Entity yet, even though records state we was during the Crisis.  

Zalantzatia's Enlightenment: 1415 S

  We haven't heard about this before she asked about. From what we gathered he fought his allies to prevent something. She kept back a lot of details, but mentioned something about, "The lizard was vested in acting before the Circle could." Head Archivist Octavian asked her about what she was referring to, but she only shrugged then added that he gained limitless wisdom and power. Nothing she told us has been confirmed.  

The Great Hephaestus Storm: 1915 S

  This was a level 5 Arcana Storm that decimated a forest within Mesora. She says, that is was not naturally occuring like the other similar storms, but was created between a civil war of Veryas who fled to the our plane. Certainly a possibility, but records suggest that the was completely twisted into strange certain and life before erupting with deadly magic. There was no sign of conflict, but she did add that battle standard left behind from the battles. We did find one after excavating the area on a later date.  

Death of the Phoenix of Life: 2788 S

  She was extremely curious and very specific about this moment in history. For one, the death of Yenkisavias was not a battle between the Life's Order and the Death's Ring, but a battle between two unknown forces. She wouldn't tell us what these forces were, but she believed that this moment was critical in the development of history. Records indicates that her death was impactful, but not to the scale she believes. The world has movement on without her and the Life's Ring is still around today. However she did says that she was there and help the best she could and even records suggest in her appearance in history. What she didn't say is why she was so concerned about the death. We've looked directly into this for months and found nothing to agree with her statement.  

Crisis of 3398: 3398 S

  This event brought out The Alchemists of Shadow and was caused by accident according to Zaphony. While all records, accounts, and history suggests that this was a planned attacked and was brought down by the trio of heroes. She states that it was actually a ploy by the Scion's Circle to force them to act by destroying an entire town. A baffling statement, but this is her claim.  

The Future

  We have kept this from her, but we believe that there is something that is going to happen. Something that is going to change everything about our world. Her questions, her statements, her stories all point to something in the next few years. She waiting for something and she has been tracking it's movements. Octavian has but petitioned the Emperor to investigate further, but we have received no reply. Until then, we must wait for a response to divert resource into this study. I personally believe this is a ruse for her own amusement.

I have had the privilege of speaking with her on a few occasions. While my not sure what she has taken an interest in our work, she always seems to ask about certain people in history and what happened after her appearance. She is very odd...
— Head Archivist Octavian
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
The Dreamscape
Year of Birth
-500 (3966 years old)
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
46 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Sometimes you need a little chaos."

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