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Darkfell: The smallest island in Iastarene
— a darkfellian claim to fame

The smallest Island

Darkfell like to believe that they are the smallest island in Iastarene due to their population of just over 100 people. This, however, is incorrect and they are actually the second smallest, with Oakengrave taking first place even though it has a greater population. When this was first announced, the people of Darkfell were in outrage and they have refused to believe that there is a smaller island than them. They have been known to act unpredictably towards those who disgaree with them.


Darkfell has a very small population for its landmass as a vast amount of the island is uninhabitable. The one main settlement of the Island is hidden at the foot of a mountain, to protect it from the fierce wind that torments the isle, while the rest is windswept and barren. Sheep, however, live here quite happily meaning that Darkfell's main industry is farming.

Towns and Villages

  • Larchmoor

    Larchmoor is the largest town in Darkfell and is home to over seventy percent of its population. Although legally a town, to most outsiders, Larchmoor appears nothing more than a small village. It has a few shops and a church bit is mainly houses and small farmsteads.
  • Farming Cottages

    The rest of the island is made up of scattered farms and cottages with no distinctive village groups present. Because of this, travel is a large issue for the inhabitants of Darkfell and even journeys of short distances can take the best part of a day due to wind and rain.

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