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Stridig of Blackhills

Stridig, later taking on the name Blackhills, was the second reaver to ever exist, court wizard of the king of the Northbound Expedition, one of the founders of Ortal, and founder and first baron of Blackhills.

One of the foremost fighters against the goblin menace, Stridig developed a magically empowered biochemical weapon that in theory would wipe them out permanently. After a small test revealed the weapon to not only kill goblins, but also everything else, he swore to keep it hidden away forever. He constructed a crypt to keep it in and built his personal residence on top of it. In the twilight years of his life he faked his own death to pursue lichdom, as he truly intended to keep the weapon safe for all eternity. He succeeded, and sat still as a lonely guardian of his crypt for around 2000 years.

After the Second goblin siege of Blackhills in 2127 PGE, the crypt had been compromised. With his powers and memory slowly fading over time, he finally decided to leave the weapon in the care of his last descendant, Kaggan of Blackhills. Soon after he passed away. His spirit has yet to fully pass on to the afterlife, and he supposedly "haunts" Kaggan every now and again to keep an eye on the weapon.

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