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Northbound Expedition

The Northbound Expedition, also called The Dwarves' Nation of the Northbound Enclave, was a massive subterranean operation undertaken by the very first Reavers who gained the blessings of Arbas. The goal of the expedition was to force the feral goblinoids so far away from any dwarven settlement that they could never pose a threat to underground civilization.

The starting point of the expedition has been forgotten, but judging from the path taken, it had its origin somewhere south of the Akroasian continent. Over the course of two centuries, the dwarves would demolish goblin tunnels and dig their own in a straight path, forcing the goblins to move in a single direction. They eventually emerged beneath Breakberg in 1873 GE, where they would make a more permanent foothold, eventually leading to the forming of the kingdom of Ortal. This event was one of many major ones that caused the end of the GE-era.

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