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Huang Hyeol-an

His Radiant Excellency, Emperor Huang Hyeol-an, aka the “Miracle Child” and “Blood Eyed Emperor” is the reigning emperor of Lao-Hua, having assumed the throne in 2126 PGE at the age of six.

Hyeol-an was born in 2120 PGE as the fourth child of His Fiery Excellency, Emperor Huang Seon and his wife, Empress Huang Mi-na. Being born with his eyes glued shut by clots of blood, and later revealing his red irises and lack of pupils, it was evident that the infant prince was afflicted with the red tear curse. Shunned by his parents for being cursed, he was raised by his uncle, Huang Hyo, a Hua Yan priest of radiance.

As plague swept the capital city of Akroasis in 2124, his mother and two older brothers died early during the outbreak. His older sister was eventually also sent to live with their uncle when their father caught the plague in late 2125. Though the epidemic died down during the following winter, the mighty ruler of Lao-Hua did not live to see it. Now being the only living son, Hyeol-an, a blind child was crowned emperor.


The emperor has long black hair, usually kept in a knot held in place by a golden needle. As is characteristic of those with the red tear curse, his eyes are red, lacks a pupil, and leaks blood. He covers them with a white cloth that needs changing several times a day.

The elder priests of Hua Yan has declared the young emperor exempt from the practice of picking the right color, as someone born blind would not be able to separate one color from another. Because of this, Hyeol-an's outfit is more consistent than most. In situations both formal and casual he prefers wearing his royal blue, floral patterned silk robe, which is embroidered with gilded threads in the shape of the Huang Imperial Family seal. Living a sheltered life in the imperial palace, he wears comfortable, simple but elegant, black, woolly shoes that are more akin to thick socks.

He is regularly seen with three particular accessories: A fan, a belt, and a bottle. The hand fan has an exotic wood handle and is adorned with gold leaf. It is used to waft away the strong smell of incense found everywhere within the imperial palace, as Hyeol-an is quite sensitive to strong scents. The golden belt is seemingly just a fancy ornament, but is in actuality a small container holding the imperial seal which gives the emperor his legislative powers. The bottle is hidden within his robes, held in place by a black ribbon. Due to the excessive bleeding from his eyes, he is quite prone to becoming dehydrated, and carrying a water bottle with him at all times is essential.


Hyeol-an appears as any wealthy child would, showing a playful and joyous attitude despite his obvious difficulties. He remains ignorant on the matters of state and the world, focusing on basic studies and playtime, while his uncle and sister handle the imperial business. All of this is a facade, a grand scheme set in motion by the child emperor himself. For despite his appearances, he is cunning, fiendishly clever, conducting himself with the tact and wisdom of an elder sage when behind closed doors.

The young emperor wants to bring forth change to Lao-Hua. He wants to better the living conditions of the poor, and he wants to remove some rather ridiculous traditions. Knowing he won't be taken seriously by the people of his noble court, he has elected to hide his mental maturity, enacting his will through his ward, uncle, and mentor. This does not mean he never uses his powers, he just has to use them in clever ways.

One such clever use of power took place soon after his crowning, when the blind child decreed that all roofing in the District of Radience had to be blue. This had a lot of people questioning why it had to be a certain color, and why it mattered to someone blind. The then six year old Hyeol-an's official response to the criticism was "I like the thought of blue." His real reasoning behind the decree starts with a storm having wrecked roofs all across the poor parts of the city. With the traditional, strict building restrictions in Akroasis, most people could not afford the materials to rebuild. The imperial coffers, however, could easily change every terracotta tile in a district, leaving the old tiles to the poor for free. What was seemingly a childish misuse of power turned out to be an act of charity.


One of the best kept secrets of the empire is the emperor's magical abilities. With a special affinity for divination magic, he has developed a sense of acute foresight, allowing him to "see" his surroundings despite his blindness. Further honed with the help of his uncle, a priest of radiance, he is able to commune with the actual Spirit of Radiance. While communing with their associated spirit is a trait all Lao-Hua emperors have claimed to possess, the genuine ability to do so is exceedingly rare.
The Huang Imperial Family Seal
12 years old
Date of Birth
14th of Month of Sawaarre, 2120 PGE
Current Residence
Imperial Palace, Akroasis
Red, bleeding
Long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Smooth, fair
1.52 m
Aligned Organization

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