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Any word from MacBlutered?

After living two lives at once, one as a minor lord in Blackhills, another as a Quiet Guardian for Silence in the Quiet World, Cumbernauld MacBlutered suddenly disappeared in the spring of 2130 PGE. The following summer, after having been missing for four months, Regent Baron Kaggan of Blackhills sent the following letter to Lord Fenrick Fraud:

Any word from MacBlutered?
Cumbernauld has been missing for some time now. It's like he's vanished into thin air. I know about that business of yours with that portal in your basement, and as I haven't seen signs of him around here, I suggest you start looking in there. Things are happening in the world and hardships will follow. If you know something I don't... We could really need him. And we really need you.

Find an excuse to join me on an expedition. Bring Cumbernauld if he reappears. We leave for the Archonate on the first of Evenfall next year.

— Regent Kaggan
Text, Letter
Authoring Date
2130 PGE

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