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Cumbernauld MacBlutered

Cumbernauld MacBlutered is an interdimensional anomaly as a result of a disintegrate spell gone awry. The most prominent effect of this is that he disappears from the world and reappears in a new world every time he dies. What causes this is unknown. The effect is currently halted by the god Sinister Silence while Cumbernauld serves within the Church of Silence.

The left side of his body seems to be stuck in an everlasting disintegration effect. Though this is not harmful in any way, the effect makes him arouse suspicion and alerts those around him. Cumbernauld tries to play it off as steam coming from his hot body and does his best to cover it up.

The many lives of Cumbernauld

1st life, career and death

Not much is known about his early life, as the sheer trauma he has been through has left him in a state where he has either forgotten, repressed or just does not want to speak of it. What is known is that he served in a dwarven military band as captain, and it was here he met his wife and companions, whom he would later travel with to the Mines of Madness to find the Forever Stone. These characters' identities have since become lost in time.

Within the mines, Cumbernauld acted as a shield for his companions, willingly taking on any and all challengers so that his band could continue forward. Where there were enemies he would hold his ground, and where there were obstacles he always suggested to dig around them, like any true dwarf would. He gave up his rations to the rest of the party and only ate eggs. Whether the mines truly were mad or the horrors of war from his military career had caught up with him, eggs and mining became obsessions in the mines. He would carve out egg shaped stones from the walls as he dug around obstacles, and he would crack raw eggs straight into his mouth for sustenance. Despite verging on lunacy the party made it to the end of the dungeon after a hefty battle with a purple worm. In the were last room sat a ghostly wizard, Abracadamus, the guardian of the Forever Stone. He demanded one of the party members sacrifice themselves and in return the rest of the party would get the stone. While Cumbernauld contemplated a self-sacrifice, jusifying it to himself that he had to die so his wife could live forever, the rest of the group attacked Abracadamus. Cumbernauld immediately sprung to action to shield his companions from the mighty wizard and ended up taking the full power of a disintegration spell. Thus ended the first life of Cumbernauld MacBlutered.

2nd life, a rip in time

Immediately after dying, Cumbernauld found himself standing outside the Mines of Madness, along with his companions. However, things were different. His left hand now looked like that of a ghost's. The elf he had called wife was not wearing a wedding band, but the other dwarf in the party was. And as his now new "wife" was about to enter a wooden shack outside the mines, the ground collapsed, giving in to the mighty maw of a purple worm. His "wife" was swallowed whole, the worm withdrew back under ground, and the party followed, ready for action. This time around the group seemed a lot weaker from Cumbernauld's point of view as they kept on falling. In the end only he remained, and in a final attempt to end this creature he leapt into the belly of the beast and carved it up from the inside. His wounds now too great to heal, he layed down next to the dead worm, closed his eyes and attempted to find peace. Thus ended the second life of Cumbernauld MacBlutered.

3rd life, a whole new world

After resting for what felt like a few minutes, Cumbernauld awoke in a lush forest. Feeling too weak to move, he sat put for several days before he was found by the area's new toll keeper, a dwarf named Bardol, who was now travelling to his new outpost not to far from the city of Nuln. Bardol got Cumbernauld back into shape, and Cumbernauld took to helping Bardol with his duties as thanks.

As the years went on, Cumbernauld eventually would become a certified toll keeper too, after being Bardol's pupil. And while Cumbernauld had seemed to stop aging for whatever reason, age caught up with Bardol, and the position of toll keeper went from master to apprentice.

Quotes & Catchphrases
"We have to dig around!" 
"Have you ever heard of the concept of cake?" 

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