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Fenrick Fraud

This article is about a player character from one of the games I DM.
Lord Fenrick Fraud (also calling himself "stealth cunt") is a human male from The Archonate, who later became a folk hero and a minor noble in the city of Blackhills. He, along with his mercenary companion Cumbernauld MacBlutered, were given the lord titles, the Pewter Mansion and its associated mines, and a sizable monetary reward for their efforts during the second goblin siege of Blackhills.


Fenrick preferred to show off as few defining characteristics as possible, and would wear many layers of dark clothing to hide his appearance. He usually wore a black hooded cloak, and a dark blue scarf to cover his face. He wore dark colored pants, and simple leather boots. He was often seen wearing a lavish pair of highly decorated bracers that stood out from his otherwise worn clothing. When prepared for adventure he would armor his shoulders, arms, abdomen, and legs with some pieces of hardened leather covered by thin steel plating.

Despite covering himself most of the time, some features can be spotted: He has scruffy, short brown hair, and blue eyes. Square built, and somewhat lean, he stands at about 185 centimetres tall.


Fenrick acted somewhat awkwardly in company of others, likely due to having lived alone in the woods for a long time. He is, however, polite and friendly towards most people. He has a bit of disdain for authorities, but mostly due to many of them abusing their powers at the cost of the common folk. As such, he tends to disregard the laws he does not agree with, and will not hesitate to steal from the corrupt rich, in order to give to the poor.


Early life

Fenrick grew up in an orphanage in The Archonate, and grew to hate it. He felt the better-off people of the city was against him, and witnessed many injustices brought upon himself and the common folk. In his teens he started hunting as a way to get away from people. He would spend days and weeks in the woods, all the while becoming quite skilled with a bow.

After becoming a young adult and getting evicted from the orphanage, Fenrick decided it was time to leave the city in favor of the woods, and traveled for a bit before finding a nice spot of desolate forest to settle on in the western parts of Gorlovoye. Here he built himself a cabin and hunted for his food. He was quite content in his solitude, and felt for the first time in his life he could clear his mind of all the worries one could find in civilization.

The Travels of Fenrick Fraud

Some time in his early twenties, Fenrick decided it was time to leave his quaint cabin and seek adventure in civilized lands. He had gotten extremely skilled with his bow, and through his hunting he had learned to become both stealthy and perceptive. Knowing he had these skills, he decided he would use them to fight injustice for the betterment of others.

Fenrick started his journey, without any clear goal in mind, by crossing the Gorlovoye Wastelands, a place of never ending war between the Reavers and the feral hordes of goblins. Though never ending up seeing neither reaver nor goblin, he saw the devastation left by the conflicts. Ruins and holes left in the ground by cannon fire and magics, piles of bones as grim reminders of the events that had taken place. He crossed the entire country, avoiding any and all settlements in this land of horrors.

He had traveled for what must have been weeks, if not months, before he came across a settlement he could not sneak around. He had by this point reached the border of Ortal, and now stood before Fort Crane. As he contemplated turning around, a guard approached him, demanding a toll for using the road. Fenrick, with his keen eyes, saw that the guard's armor was poorly fitted and hastily equipped, arousing some suspicion. Nonetheless, he paid the toll, and started his walk towards the border fort. Just a short stroll from where he was stopped, he found the body of a stripped, dead dwarf, who no doubt would have had a better fit in the "guard's" armor. The now suspected murderer was long gone, and Fenrick felt swindled and regretted that he did not act on his suspicions.

The gate through Fort Crane was closed, and Fenrick did not have any papers or identifications justifying him crossing the border in the eyes of the guards. Him telling the guards about the murderer just outside the walls prompted the guards to open the gates, and after a short detention while they confirmed his story, he was allowed to enter the country. Still without any planned purpose in mind, he continued walking east, and at nightfall he came across a tavern. Despite avoiding contact with people to the best of his abilities thus far, he decided it was time for some carousing and a proper bed.

The Pewter's Cup Tavern & Inn was bustling with life. Guards from the fort were drinking and fighting, an orc was playing music on stage, local farmers were enjoying their supper, and all sorts of colorful individuals sat around. Fenrick ordered room and ale, and sat down by the bar, excited and nervous to test his social skills. A silent dwarf in extravagant, heavy armor sat beside him, was seemingly too drunk to answer when Fenrick tried introducing himself. And so, Fenrick went to sit with two green-clad dwarves in the corner, Rupert McBlutered and Cumbernauld MacBlutered.

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