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Veronica Steele

Gifted girl

-She is so smart! You must be so proud of her.
-Yes, our little Veronica is a very special kid.
-We'll see great things from her.
— Veronica's mother and her teacher.
by Midjourney
Veronica was born in Asnar one of the nations that was at war with Pogron in different moments in Dethion's story. When she came into this world and to this day Asnar is subjected under Empire of Pogron's dominion.

While her parents maintaned a facade of being perfectly rational and obedient asnarians, they were part of the Followers of the return since they met, many years before she was born. They hated the Empire and wanted freedom for their nation and the planet.

They taught her the same values. It was not surprise she grew despising every pogronite, except the ones that were part of The Lost, the missing crew that dissapeared after crossing The Anomaly.

Veronica is in class. The teacher is explaining something about history and her classmates are paying attentions to him. Veronica looks at the windos and see the read and black flag that every day they swore loyalty. That's not her country's flag. Their flag is blue, calm and beautiful, not angry and violent.

Her parents promised that one day Asnar will be free again. Veronica believes them, because they've never lied to her. She loves her family very much. They tell her stories about The Lost, of how they'll come back and make everything better. Veronica can't wait for their return.


-We have to go, Veronica.
-Why, mom?
-I can't explain it now. Do you trust me?
-Yes, always.
— Veronica and her mom.

When Veronica was 15, she lost her home. The entire town where she lived with her family was wiped out in retalation for an attack Asnar had made over Pogron. A foolish and desperate attempt to regain some independence doomed to fail.

Veronica was lucky that she escaped with her parents alive. But she lost everything and many of her friends died in the attack. The Followers of the Return relocated them in another country, far away, Edrea. When she was waiting in a train station she saw in a screen a ceremony in honour of the only fallen soldier in that operation.
by Midjourney

She never forgot that name: Johan Morto. Veronica felt a strong satisfacion in knowing someone so important as Ivar Morto had died in the same day so many were taken from her.

Veronica looks at the military base that is going to be her new home. Her parents assured him is only temporary, but she is old enough to realize this is it. They are fully commited to the cause now, and so is she.

Veronica walks in the base and goes to her assigned room. She unpacks her bag and holds Asnar's flag in her hands. Tears escape her eyes and she swears she would do anything for her homeland.

One Mission

-Mom, I have to go. It's my duty.
-I know but I'm worried about you.
-Do you trust me?
-Yes, always.
— Veronica and her mom

Three years later Veronica was sent to the heart of the empire: Rogion. Her mission was to infiltrate the local population and collect intel for her organization. She assumed a new identity and got a job at bar as a waitress.

Veronica said she was from a little town trying to make it in the big city. A very common goal for kids her age. She performed her role as a pogronite perfectly and quickly gained the trust of many imporant people in the government.

That work she dis was esential when The Lost finally returned to Dethion and three of them were sent to Rogion as trophies for the General Morto. Veronica was ready to rescue them.

Veronica's heart does not stop when she see one of The Lost sit at the bar with two guards. Amir Maguer. She knows everything about him, and all his crewmates. Veronica prepared for this moment for years, she is not going to fail.

Veronica approaches the table and her voice does not shake when she asks for their order. Her eyes linger a moment on him, and Veronica is already planning how to get him and his friends out of Rogion. First she needs to gain his trust. He was an expert in languages. She knows what she needs to do.
-I promise you I'll come back.
-You know I can't answer that.
— Veronica and her girlfriend

-Don't worry. I'll protect you.
-You always say that and then I have to save your ass.
-Yep, but that's how our friendship work!
-What a friend I got!
— Veronica and a friend

-Are you sure you want to do this?
-You are going to be away from everyone you know.
-I'm ready to do anything for our cause.
— Veronica and a superior

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