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Daniel Ironwood Whitewave

Lord Daniel (né Rosmors) Ironwood Whitewave

CW: Suicide Mention, Parental Death.   Daniel Rosmors Ironwood was born into the Ironwood Clan to Pearl Windweaver Ironwood and Hugh Redbreak Rosmors in 1226, following his older sister Estella. Not much is known or acknowledged about his early life. Officially, his mother suffered a fatal stroke just after his graduation from Everdon Academy (where his grades were poor), and he surged with his landslide ability in response to that, destroying parts of High Valley's gardens. However, his poetry and journals found after his death imply that both she and a maid that Daniel was romantically involved with actually died in his landslide. Daniel's mother attempted to fire the maid, and Daniel surged, inadvertantly killing both women. In either case, the trauma resulting from that is not something to understate.   Pitying him, Sophia Stelworth Whitewave visited him and eventually married him. They bore Daniel Ironwood Whitewave in 1249 and Kaitlin Ironwood Whitewave in 1252. Lady Sophia has asserted that her husband indulged as often as possible in the pleasures of Byworth, including prostitutes and drugs, neglecting both her and her children. Encouraged by Lady Sophia, the older Daniel was despised by both his children.   While visiting one of Byworth's brothels as usual one day in 1271, the older Daniel (along with hundreds of others) was killed in a murder-suicide by his adult son.   His daughter spoke of him as little as possible. Aunt Lillian tells me that she never mentioned her father or her brother at home, but that she was always very irratible and withdrawn around the anniversary of their deaths. The king never knew his grandfather and carefully avoids making any kind of statement about him. I tend to agree with that approach. It's hard to talk about the dead when there seems to be very little to say that's positive.  
Power Level
1226 DA 1271 DA 45 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by his son alongside hundreds of others in Byworth.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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