Session 50 - Valley of the Black Tower

General Summary

Having divided the spoils of their battle in Zincher's Arena the night before, the Saviors of Sandpoint stopped by the ship The Bloodsworn to settle the agreement between Jayvielle and the crew of the ship. Jayvielle presented the first mate Parker Stormtouch with Doran's head, proving that the Saviors of Sandpoint had disposed of the former captain. Jayvielle was now the new captain of the ship.   The heroes returned to the Cypher Lodge and spoke with Elias Tammerhawk. Elias set them up with Arcaan, who would transport them to the Valley of the Black Tower. They teleported to a ledge overlooking the valley. Arcaan pointed out the fortress of Jorgenfist and the many clans of giants surrounding it. He also showed them two caves in the cliff near the fortress, believing they may be an entrance to the fortress without having to deal with the scores of giants.   The cave was over two hundred feet up the side of the cliff face, but Arcaan gladly burned another teleport to take the party to the entryway. The cave was filled with bugs that formed a moving carpet across the cave floor. The heroes found the source of the many insects - six powerful, undead Deathweb spiders. With powerful bites and venomous spiders crawling around them, they tore into the Saviors of Sandpoint. The heroes managed to slay the creatures, but the combat took up a great deal of their healing and they hadn't even reached the fortress yet.   At the back of the cave was a small tunnel concealed by thick blanket webs. The heroes followed the winding caves through to the other side. When they emerged, they were inside a larger cave. One with signs of life. Several signs of life. Some of those signs were smaller humanoids carrying scythes and wearing bloody red caps on their heads.   But the one that stood out the most was a seven-foot-tall humanoid covered in white scales, with what looked to be the head of a dragon. "The master will be pleased when I present your corpses to him," the creature hissed. "You will go no further."  

Rewards Granted

  • Large +1 longsword
  • +2 halberd
  • Druid’s staff with a spellstaff spell still in effect on it (the staff contains a rusting grasp at CL 12th)
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
19 Aug 2022