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Episode 52 - Dungeons and Demigods

General Summary

by Svetoslav Petrov
Image by Svetoslav Petrov
  After taking their leave of the Temple of Tharzduun The Guardians of Golarion made their way back to the elevator that would take them back to the surface. However, before they could reach the elevator doors they were confronted by two old foes - Zalatas, the Herald of Tharzduun, and Lasdolon himself!  
Zalatas spoke directly to "his children" - Reh, Kuuro, and Fjord. He told Reh and Fjord how disappointed he was in them, that he had spared their lives and in return, they had not recruited one worshipper in his name. Reh told him he wasn't worth worshipping and Kuuro attempted to attack him by drawing her bow. Lasdolon had been waiting for hostilities and froze Kuuro in place. Fjord then tried to use Shocking Grasp on Zalatas but Lasdolon held him as well.
Telith, Godric, and Rooker prepared for battle, while Lady Charlindra and Rylvir approached. Lady Charlindra said that the dragon shard was gone, sent to another plane where Zalatas could not reach it. However, Lady Charlindra told Zalatas that she could obtain the third dragon shard for them. She attempted to leave but Lasdolon told her to stay.
After the blatant defiance of his believed disciples, Zalatas said he was going to take his toys and leave. He summoned the paralyzed Fjord to his hand. Before they could retreat, Fjord told Reh that he knew there were three words she had wanted to say to him, and now was the time to say it. Reh uttered the three words in Undercommon - Demon Soul Rage, the command words that changed Fjord into the Goliath.
Zalatas, surprisingly, uttered his own phrase in Undercommon - For Eternity. This caused the metamorphosis to change Fjord again, making him smaller but more orc-like and less like an elf or beast.
Lasdolon's Eye of the Abyss flashed as he stared at Lady Charlindra. "You disappointment me," he uttered and closed his fist. Lady Charlindra barely had time to scream before her body imploded, blood spraying while it collapsed in on itself. He then rose into the air and kept watch over the fray.
The battle was intense, with Godric unleashing several deadly blows against the Herald of Tharzduun. He opened up Zalatas' throat and chopped his body into hamburger. However, black tentacles tried to pull the body back together. Reh and Telith determined that cold or acid damage would be needed to disable his regeneration. Reh pulled out a scroll and cast Ray of Frost on the body. The tentacles retreated into the body and the corpse fell apart.
Lasdolon voiced his disappointment in not being able to consume the soul of Zalatas, but said he would find the third dragon shard and consume that power instead. He then vanished into the void.
The Guardians returned to the surface and made their way to the Cypher Lodge. Winifred “Fred” Aldysh was waiting there and told them she had been concerned as they had been gone for five days. Rooker mentally connected with her and showed her everything they had experienced. Fred was staggered by the knowledge but admitted that the demons below the Broken Hammer would be the evidence needed to free their friend Arcaan. As far as the Temple of Tharzduun, she would obtain a scroll to close it off permanently.
Rylvir told the Guardians that there were some things he needed to look into. Fjord, now looking more like the grey-skinned creature that had killed Satsui on Cypher Lodge grounds, wasn't sure he could get inside again. Rylvir said Fjord could accompany him and that Rylvir would be in touch soon.
Weary and wounded, the Guardians of Golarion retired for the evening to get some much-needed rest and recovery.

Rewards Granted


  102,801 + 17,066 = 119,867 XP! Ding Level Ten!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • The aspect of Zalatas has been slain.
  • Evidence provided to free Arcaan.
  • Commence hunting Matan'sa before he hunts them.
  • Rooker admits to being the reincarnation of Valarius Paragon.
Second Darkness
Telith Nordhof
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
07 Mar 2020
Primary Location

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