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Princess Dilay Eratos (a.k.a. Beautiful Moon)

Princess Dilay Eratos is the youngest child of King Tafari Eratos.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

  • The Kingdom of Laterre was destroyed by Lord Blackmoor, as was most of the ruling family. As Dilay and her adopted sister Kumiko fled the kingdom, they heard the roar of something as it turned the castle to ash. It was a dragon. Blackmoor appeared to have had a pet dragon that he used as a weapon.
  • The sisters were attacked by bandits and were separated. It would be years before they would see each other again.
  • The elven Kensai Magus, Oberon Thornhide, found Dilay. Oberon had led the elves who had wanted to join the Kingdom of Laterre. Driven by vengeance, she became skilled with the blade. She wasn't sure if Kumiko was still alive, but if she was, then the only way she and Kumiko would be safe was if Lord Blackmoor was dead. 
  • After many years, Dilay returned to Turapal to face Blackmoor. Dilay made her way past mist walkers and the surrounding villages. She knew Blackmoor had men everywhere and wanted to remain unseen for as long as possible. 
  • She snuck into Castle Virin and tried to kill Lord Blackmoor, but between the King and his personal guards, she was beaten and thrown from the castle walls, falling to her death.
  • Dilay, however, did not die. Her body was discovered by the stone giant wizard Mokmurian. He hoped to use her to dispatch Blackmoor once he had outlived his usefulness.
  • When Mokmurian went through her things, he discovered she had stolen Theyrium bracers and boots. The cursed items could be used to twist her to Mokmurian's devices. He put the cursed items on her, then began her recovery. Mokmurian would focus Dilay's new madness on using her as his weapon.
  • Mokmurian told her they both wanted the same thing - Lord Blackmoor dead. He said that Blackmoor obtained power from the theyrium armour he wore, so if she had theyrium armour as well, she would easily defeat him. So hungry for revenge, Dilay agreed.
  • It didn't take long for the madness to engulf her. Whispers from the abyss twisted her mind, making it easy to mould like clay. Mokmurian told her that if she would do something for him, he would help her to engineer her vengeance.
  • The plan was to go to Turtleback and set up a gambling barge. There she would lure out the greedy and mark them with the mark of the Sihedron. Greedy souls, like Lord Blackmoor, who killed her family out of greed. Once Mokmurian had those greedy souls, he would let her mark Blackmoor, and his soul would be claimed and devoured like the others.
  • The theyrium twisted Dilay even further. She would do as he asked to get her revenge. And the power of the theyrium would help her to do so.
  • Dilay used mind abilities (Illusion, etc.) to manipulate townsfolk and trick them into getting marked.
  • After coming up with the concept of a gambling hall, she travelled to Melfesh and purchased a barge, paying large sums to have it retrofitted for her purposes. She discovered the popularity of Varisian tattoos among the labourers and devised the 'Star Member' premise for Paradise.
  • After Paradise was complete, she sailed to Turtleback Ferry in early 4617 and started building hype for the hall while waiting for a gambling license. She used this time to scout the area and first met the Black Arrows and the Kreegs, discovering the connection to Gargados. She noted the Kreegs usefulness and sent a dream to Ceoptra telling her about them but not about Gargados.
  • Paradise finally opened for business in mid-4618 and quickly drew positive and negative attention. Dilay, using the name Lucrecia, used a combination of resources to create an addictive loop, intentionally losing money to build people's confidence before offering them greater winnings if they joined the 'Star Club.' She used suggestions and charms to bait more people into participating. During this time, she met Kaven, a member of the Black Arrows, and the two hit it off.
  • In Rova 4706, the Black Arrows discover the Kreeg manufacturing operation, and the hobgoblin Sereg contacted Lucrecia. He planned to destroy the Black Arrows and occupy the region before Karzoug's eventual invasion. She agreed to his plan and returned to Paradise for one final party.
  • The night she sank the Paradise, Lucrecia met up with some Kreegs she'd charmed to enter the Shimmerglens and took out the biggest threat in the region and the head of the Black Arrows.
  • Lucrecia and the surviving Kreegss returned to the newly-captured Fort Rannick and assisted in a final sweep to capture the remaining Black Arrows.
  • The occupation didn't last long. The fort was liberated by the Saviors of Sandpoint. Kumiko, one of the Saviors, captured Lucrecia and was able to take the cursed items off of her.
  • Dilay, guilt-filled for what she had done, returned to Oberon to regain her focus.
Year of Birth
4701 24 Years old