The Kingdom of Turapal has nestled away from the rest of Golarion, hidden in a valley protected by unknown guardians. For the longest time, Turapal was a rumor or legend that spread through nearby settlements. No one went into the valley, and few if any came out.


The Cautionary Tale of the Town of Zokaski

  The town of Zokaski is a ruin, haunted by ghosts and undead. It serves as a reminder as to what happens when people speak out against Lord Blackmoor. He caught wind of a handful of locals who were trying to hire someone to kill him and free the kingdom of his rule. The hired gun took the town's money and grossly overestimated his skills. Lord Blackmoor tortured the man, obtained the names of everyone who had a part in hiring him, then went to Zokaski personally to confront them.   It was a slaughter. He set the conspirators aside so they could watch him tear their families apart with his bare hands. Men, women, and children were butchered. From there, his wrath spread throughout the entire town, murdering everyone for harboring the conspirators. If they claimed they knew nothing of the conspiracy, they were killed for not being more vigilant. Then, with blood soaking into the dirt roads and cobblestone streets, gore dripping from the walls, he took the conspirators back to Castle Virin, and their screams were a choir of suffering that lasted longer than humanly possible.   The corpses of the townsfolk were claimed by the mistwalkers and returned every evening as mistwalkers themselves. Blackened bloodstains remain on the cracked and crumbled walls. The entire ruined town exists as a warning to everyone - locals and visitors alike - that Lord Blackmoor will not abide treachery against him. Retribution is swift, brutal, and final.

Demography and Population

There are approximately 4000 people who live in Turapal. Most are human, but there is a small percentage (10% or so) of dwarves and halflings.  Most dwarf inhabitants live in Gorlin, where they are paid well to work in the mines (as laborers or bosses) and as blacksmiths.


Towns and Villages of Turapal:
  • Gorlin - The largest town, population-wise, located in the mountains above the mist line. Few of the undead make their way to the walls of Gorlin but it still has an obelisk of protection. 
  • Cantecova - Cantecova maintains its ample crops within protective walls.  
  • Kabovar - Responsible for maintaining cattle and livestock. Very much a ranching town.
  • Tysavach - On the shore of Lake Duchow, the fishing town of Tysavach bears witness to the approach of the mist across the open water every evening. Guards stand by and watch the creatures claw hungrily at the unseen magic that repels them as no wall exists to hold them back. Only by the power of the obelisk in town keeps them from tearing the townsfolk apart. 
  • Khopal - Built on the banks of the Lyuvinsk river, Khopal heads the logging and woodworking industry. A year ago, the previous councilor was found to be withholding tax funds from Lord Blackmoor unbeknownst to the townsfolk. That night, the runes on the obelisk gave off an unusual yellowish glow and the protective barrier withdrew to exactly three feet behind the councilor's home. The mistwalkers advanced beyond the walls and tore through several homes, including that of the councilor. The next day Lord Blackmoor dispatched two marshalls and two dozen slaves to aid in the repair and cleanup. A temporary wall was set up behind the former councilor's home and the section of Khopal was now deemed lost, free to be claimed by the mistwalkers. Those families who survived the prior evening frantically brought their belongings back within the protective walls. The marshals made it clear to everyone that lack of diligence was a punishable offense. They reminded the townsfolk that Lord Blackmoor rewarded them as a whole, and would punish them the same way.    
Each town has a Councilor, a representative who reports to the Court and to the High Councilor.


The Shepherds

  • Shepherds are Blackmoor’s secret police (mostly wizards who polymorph into rats, known to sneak around towns and villages).
  • Shepherds patrol the wilderness, mountains, etc. Constructs are placed in remote areas.
  • Shepherds create their own magic items as part of their training.
  • Shepherds are the eyes, ears, and voice of Lord Blackmoor beyond the walls of his castle, and even beyond the borders of his kingdom.
  • At any time, Lord Blackmoor can see, hear, or speak through a Shepherd. It is his way to learn about the world around him, so he encourages Shepherds to become adventurers, travel, and explore. If they discover something of value or power, they are to return it to Lord Blackmoor.
  • A family who gives birth to a child with innate magical aptitude (sorcerer) can become a Shepherd if the child is sent to train under the High Councilor.
  • Upon graduation, which only occurs when the High Councilor deems the student ready, the student earns the mantle of Shepherd. Their parents and siblings are brought to Castle Virin to live.
  • The student must support their family. Should the student fail in any of their duties, the family immediately loses their protected status and is considered Unfaithful. They are exiled from Castle Virin and not allowed in any sanctified settlement with an obelisk in the kingdom.
  • Keeping the family safe and alive is the leverage often used on the Shepherd.
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