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Foods around the world

Each country, Duncel, Ledfell, Escar, Vefcak, Kith, and Castrn have their own culinary traditions. In Duncel meat is considered to be present at each meal, from bacon, to steak, and to chicken. A meal without meat seems hollow and lacking (steak, chicken, seafood). In Ledfell every ingredient is highly seasoned before Brent make into a dish, so everything turns out to be extremely flavorful and unique. In Escar most meals are vegetarian and rely heavily on foods like beans and almonds. This is mainly since Escar was the place that Hervus resided before he was split, and Hervus taught the people there to not destroy life (beans, nuts, salads). In Vefcak it is considered a delicacy to eat birds and other flying creatures. These meals represent the Vefcakians destroying the Kenku when the Kenku where trampled by Sr. Vefcak (pheasant, turkey, chicken). Most of Kith’s food is bland, but it fills you up and keeps you going for the day (grits, faro, and other breads). Many say that the food of Casturn is to based on fish, and that would be correct (seafood: lobster, swordfish). All the countries have their weird quirks, including their diets.

Components and tools

Except for Vefcak and Ledfell all you need to make the food is simple cooking supplies. In Vefcak the bird takes longer to prepare correctly, and in Ledfell it takes quite a lot of work to preseason the ingredients of a dish.

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