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The people of Vefcak are called Vefcakians, and there are 4.5 million of them. Generally nothing is the same between citizens of Vefcak, many different races, many different professions, and many different socio economic statuses. But the one thing that all Vefcakians have in common is their hate of the royal family of Vefcak. The royal family is the Vefcaks, the dirrect linkage is the founder of the country, Sr. Vefcak. The current and past royal families have been known for violating the laws of the gods and the laws of the cities. The family is also known to be extremely corrupt, putting in favor anyone who has enough gold to buy them out. It is also well known that the royal family doesn’t care for their subjects or their well being. This has given the common folk many reasons to rebel and try and overthrow the royal family, but all attempts have been thwarted by the defenses of the Kindlas’s defenses. There have been over 800 rebellions and coups, but all have been bested once they got to Kindlas, the capitol of Vefcak. The royal family and the rick folks who buy them out are willing to do anything to keep their power, and it that means killing their subjects, then it means killing their subjects.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Alisandra Grethshi Caliran Vosi Berjen Kori Losis Kamala

Masculine names

Helvid Koris Narthi Jey Brondin Nastil Uki Jorin

Unisex names

Gresh Thinda Verl Jorkik Biv Fendro Linstren Olik


Shared customary codes and values

Hate of the royal family

Average technological level

Coming of Age Rites

On a 15th birthday human children become adults (ages correspond to race of the celebrated) and a massive party is thrown

Funerary and Memorial customs

A large wooden sarcophagus is made and burned with the body of the deceased inside.

Common Taboos

You don’t talk about the royal family around birds and other small creatures, they are the spies of the royal family.

Historical figures

Dr. Cazari Sr. Vefcak


Beauty Ideals

Thik women (wanted) Intelligent women (unwanted) Swull men (wanted) Theatrical men (unwanted)

Gender Ideals

Women stay in the home, cook and look after the children Men go out and earn the bread for the family
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