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In the turbulent skies of Gahla, nothing is permanent, and people don't stay in one place for long. They wander high above an endless ocean, where flying islands slowly carve their lingerlight wakes into a sea of clouds. As the ayrles' life cycles unfold, they are pulled ever southwards by the great ashen storm Tormunthrask. They swirl in their slow orbits towards the frozen wastelands, at the center of which awaits an abyss that thrums with dark chaotic energy.   Always to the south of the compass lies certain doom, but to the north, there is only mystery. Past the great expanse of the known world stands the Kalyptian Veil - an impenetrable wall of mist and falling meteors, a land from which humanity has been exiled, and from which no voyager has ever returned.   Nobody knows how many civilizations have come and gone, only to have been swallowed by the merciless winds of Tormunthrask. Stories from the mythical past seem like naught but tall tales: Exaggerated, unreliable, incomplete. Books are heavy after all. Folk sacrifice dearly just to keep themselves and their loved ones out of the storm's shadow, so holding on to history often comes at too steep a cost. But deep beneath the ice, far below the stormwinds, still lay the fallen ruins of ayrlands long past their days of glory, and the scattered remains of daring truth-seekers who found their treasure at the cost of their lives.   In Galeblazers, you'll tell stories about relationships forged amidst unexpected journeys, narrow escapes, frantic rescues, and explosive airship battles in unpredictable weather. Our heroes will have to keep to the shadows and the mists, and fly the uncharted gales. They will make ingenious discoveries as they investigate the ecological disruptions that threaten to bring the ayrlands crashing into the sea.   Whether the characters find themselves in the shipwreck city of Brokenbow, or in the politically treacherous atoll kingdoms of the Thambrian Crowns, or even far to the north in the Karthinian Drakkenwyld, forces will conspire to keep them on their guard, and on the move. They'll court dangerous allies in shady hideouts, unearth long lost lore, and perhaps uncover the truth behind the forces that have turned the wheels of Gahla's history.