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Galeblazers is a steampunk science-fantasy setting for groups of adventurers who dare to take to the skies in search of a better life. It takes place on a fragile and chaotic planet where sky islands fly atop the clouds, getting pulled southwards by a great storm, at the center of which lies a black abyss. Always to the south is certain doom, and to the north, an impenetrable wall of mist from which no one has ever returned.   On Gahla, nothing is permanent, and nothing stays in place for long. The ever-fluctuating mechanics of the world promote stories that touch on the themes of immigration, cultural belonging, colonialism, abandonment, and ecological justice. It is inspired by works like Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Skyjacks, Attack on Titan, His Dark Materials, Final Fantasy IX and XII, and The Dragon Prince, with a twist of Discworld and a splash of folk music.   Galeblazers is about narrow escapes, frantic evacuations, and harrowing journeys. You'll face explosive ayrship battles, fierce storms, vengeful flora, strange beasts, and stranger folk. Whether you find yourself in the shipwreck city of Brokenbow on the lip of the abyssal crater, in the politically treacherous Clearskies, or far away in the monster-infested Karthinian Wilds, forces will conspire to keep characters on their feet, and on the move.   You'll make ingenious discoveries and uncover ruthless conspiracies. You'll have to keep to the shadows and the mists, fly the uncharted gales, court dangerous allies in shady hideouts, and investigate ecological anomalies. And when the moment calls, you'll step up to do the work the no one else is brave enough to take on.   With the wheels of history constantly turning, nothing is set in stone. You'll have the room to write your own stories without worrying about contradicting historical canon, or memorizing NPC names. This makes the world easy to jump into for one-shots.   Ongoing campaigns can also turn a focus towards the struggle of cultivating a balanced existence on the ayrlands, in the face of natural dangers and rising tensions among their neighbors. Even in times of stability and peace, survival will depend on ensuring that people plan ahead for the increasingly frequent winters, and the clashes of cultures that will slowly come into sharper focus, as everyone swirls closer together.