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Drakari Blue-Silver

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A silverish-blue metal commonly found in Chatari jewelry, statues, and decorations.

Tilamitu is a metallic resource that, when processed, shines with a silverish-blue color, hence its common name of blue-silver. The material, regularly used for jewelry and decoration, is common throughout Roka as an export from Chataki.


Physical Characteristics

In its final, refined form, tilamitu is a smooth, solid silvery-blue metal. It's generally cold to the touch and conducts heat and electricity poorly while maintaining a brilliant shine if polished and maintained adequately. Workers can give some variations of tilamitu a brushed visual effect during the refinement process. Smiths can easily fold the metal to create a Damascus effect.



Tilamitu can be found throughout Chataki, though the ore is most often inside caves and hill formations in Northern Chataki and shipped for processing planetwide. The metal is also frequently found in various Chatari antiques and artifacts across the region, including jewelry, pottery, statues, and ancient weaponry. Foundries typically melt these artifacts down to re-use the material.



Tilamitu has been present in Chatari culture since before written history and the first Drakari-Ta. Archaeologists have found evidence of the metal used for both weaponry and ceremonial purposes. While the use as a weapon has ended due to better materials and technologies being available, the metal still finds many uses in ceremonies and decorations. Scholars believe the metal found its first use during the days of Nika-Ta, where legend holds the ancient goddess first provided the metal to the Chatari people as a gift.


Everyday Use

The metal can be commonly found in Chataki and is typically used for jewelry, embellishing architecture and statues, and general decorations. More modern resources are far superior in most applications, leaving tilamitu as solely a decorative substance. Chataki commonly exports tilamitu to other areas of Roka and merchants throughout the Varkesh. Prime examples of blue-silver include the Nika-Ta statue in Chatakino, religious items worn and used by the Priesthood, and everyday jewelry worn by Chatari.

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