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A northern tundra region encompassing most of the northern continent of Iraka. Chataki is home to the Chatari people and the Nika-ta religion.


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A tundra region located in the northern continent of Iraka, Chataki is known for cold, windy environments. Chataki is divided into three main sub-regions - The landmass to the south-east of the main body of the continent, an alpine forest in the lower altitudes and the southern portion of the continent, and the higher altitude tundra in the north. Chataki is well known as the home of the Chatari people, and the religion worshipping the dead goddess Nika-ta, as well as the cities Nikano and Chatakino.



Encompassing most of the northern continent, Chataki is primarily a region of arctic and sub-arctic biomes. At lower altitudes and closer to the shorelines, sub-alpine forests cover the land. Further north and inland, toward the mountain, as the terrain rises above the treeline, the forests make way for wide fields of open tundra filled with grasses, ice, and snow.

During the short summer seasons, water flows from melting ice run down the mountain side and collect into freshwater lakes or flow into the ocean. These melting ice flows serve as a source of cool, fresh water during this season, though most water is obtained by Drakari living in the region by manually melting ice.

The hills and elevated parts of Chataki contain a complex network of caves. These caverns are theorized to have been dug out over many years and used as shelter for an ancient Drakari civilization and are a common site for both tourism and archaeological research.

Fauna & Flora


With the exception of the forests and grassy tundras, the Chataki region is primarily barren, especially in the far north. Only a handful of known species of plant life and fauna exist in this region including evergreen trees, hardy grasses, and the culturally important nika tikuma flower. Also prevalent in the mainland region is a bean-like crop, though these do not grow in the wild and exist only in farms. In terms of animal life, the most prominent specimens are the kija that live within the forests, near the shorelines, feeding off fish, birds, smaller mammals, and the unlucky Drakari hunter.

Natural Resources


Commonly grown throughout the region is a bean-like plant commonly eaten by the Chatari people. Fish and animals are also hunted along the shorelines of the Sisat Ocean and within the Chataki forests for food as well. Fur from the kija is also a common resource harvested by hunters, used primarily for clothing and leatherworking.

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