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An alien race that resembles some form of a furred humanoid bipedal lizard.


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One of several sapient races in the known galaxy, Drakari are a relatively recent induction to the Varkesh. Seeing a Drakari outside of their home system is currently very rare, but not entirely impossible, with most encounters being loyalist refugees from the recent Drakari Civil War.

Drakari are generally recognizable by their tall, thin, fur covered bodies, horns, tails, and long ears. United only by name, the Drakari people are split into various subcultures, whose old conflicts are starting to spring up again with the loss of the Drakari-Ta. These groups include the Chatari, Kitadori, and Matari, as well as the colonists from the planet Takri who initiated the war.

RPG Systems

Starfinder Race

Ethnis Lite Sophont

Chatari, Kitadori, Matari
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
6' - 7' (182 cm - 213 cm)
Related Ethnicities


Table of Phenotypical Variations

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Chatari Kitadori Matari Takiri Unnamed 1 Unnamed 2
Eye Color Blues Oranges Yellows Light hazels, Dark ambers Greys Blues, Greys, Violets, Yellows
Eye Membrane None Present None None Present None
Eye Shape Almond Protruding Monolid Monolid Wide set Deep set
Fur Color White, silver, red Light brown Brown Blonde, brown, red, black Dark brown Silver, red
Fur Density Thick, heavy Average Average Light Average Light, thin (Female)
Thick, heavy (Male)
Hair Color Blonde, red, brown Brown, black Light blonde Blonde, red, brown Silver, blonde Blonde, red
Hair Type Wavy, straight Wavy, straight Wavy, curly, frizzy, straight Wavy, coily Straight, frizzy, coily Wavy, curly
Horn Color Red, brown, black Blonde, red Dark red Silver, blonde Silver Dark red
Horn Shape Average, curved Short, curved Short, curved Long, curved Short, curved Average, straight
Muzzle Shape Long, narrow Long, wide Average length, wide Average Average Short, average width
Relative Size Average Short Short Average Tall Tall
Skin Tone Pale Dark brown Orange Very pale to pale Light brown Dark brown
Tail Type Full Tufted Full Full Full Tufted

Common Colors

Skin Tones

Fur/Hair Colors

Eye Colors

Horn Colors

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