Primals are a Pre-isarian reptilian race of saurian and lizard-like reptilian people. They are known as the Lizardfolk before the popularised Isarian came to be. They were the orignal natives of the Kharis Jungle, and Parts of Kharis in general. Very little is known about them, and not many of their numbers exist. They were mostly adsorbed into the Sassliss Imperium as warriors and their culture was assimilated by Sassliss as a whole.  
"They are called the Pre-Isarians, as they were the lizardfolk here before the Isarian conquests became a thing from the east. Most of Sassliss' settlement names come from Primal Culture."
~Scholar Antonie Sarkan , Kharis Studies, Guild of Lore

Basic Information


The Primals were a mix of Saurian and Lizard-like Anatomy, Usually four limbs and a long powerful tail. The looks very Primal to Primal, but people say they look like 'Domesticated dinosaurs"   Their scale colors usually change primal to primal, but Green is a very common color amongst them. They usually have spines along side their backs and large claws that were obviously a characteristic of their Primal Origin.  
"Domesticated Dinosaurs! That is the best way I can describe them, So ancient, and yet fully subjugated. They look very primitive compared to the more elegant and sophisticated Isarian people."
~Adventurer Carlos Escanta , Natives of Kharis

Genetics and Reproduction

They are egg layers, of course. They are extremely protective of nests and usually guard them to death. They aren't as private as Isarians, yet they also do not advertise that this is a thing they do. As for most intelligent reptilian races, the discussion of Egg laying is a taboo subject, and only reserved for their social circles.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Primals are primarily carnivores. They have a taste for raw meat, yet they prefer the flavor of cooked meat over raw. However this gives them an edge in survival. Amongst the most primal of races, Primals still hunt in packs, to take down larger prey. They will not eat Humans unless it is absolutely last resort. They also will not cannibalize due to their spiritual beliefs.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sight and smell are the primary and superior traits these beastmen have. They are also very sturdy and can run extremely fast. Some even say they still run on all fours, even on their hind legs they are fast. Their eye sight is adapted for Jungle and Foggy environments, as well as their ability to smell. These were the prime traits Sassliss was after after they had conscripted the Primals into their military.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

Of all races that were able to survive into the modern ages, the Primals have remained the most primitive. Partially due to their lands and how difficult it was to get to them. The remaining numbers still live in huts and villages, however they are not alienated from the modern world, as some have adopted firearms as a weapon.   They prefer melee weapons over firearms, but the ease of use of a firearm is what led to a number of the Primals to take up arms with a firearm. Their prowess, however remains with their melee capability, which is extremely fearsome.   Its worth to note that most of them are not ignorant to modern tech, most prefer to not use it, only the older, and traditionalists remain true to the old ways.

Common Dress Code

The Primals wear little clothing, and at most sometimes it is a sash and belt. Their scales cover everything else. However blue and gold are a popular color they use, mostly gold, as it is plentiful in Kharis. To the extreme few who moved away from their home, they remain scantly clad still, unless they are in a colder region.  
"I've seen the most exotic thing today, there was this large crocodilian who started work at my plantation. Thier clothes looked like they were from a fantasy novel from the prehistoric ages. However, they were humble, and afraid that they would scare my business away. I am happy to report that this wasn't the case, the poor thing was a war refugee."
~ Joxem Sandelico ,Foxian Plantation owner, Natives meeting Natives

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Their spiritual stance remains true to a Sun god, and that gold is the tears of the gods. They agree that all Primal Life is sacred, and it is their duty to return to the embrace of the sun upon death. For this reason, Cannibalization is a taboo, and when a Primal perishes, they are entombed within a sarcophagus adorned with gold and sapphires. The idea of this was the allow their spirit to return to the sun's essence, while preserving their body as a blueprint for a vessel for the next life.
Scientific Name
Sauropods Saurian
Average Height
Average Weight
Geographic Distribution
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