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Foxian (Faux-ian)

The Foxian are a race of Fox-like beastfolk native to the Telosian Islands off of Gateway. They are distant cousins of the Northern Raki.  
"Telos, a tropical paradise and inhabited by communal foxes... Be sure to not get swindled by their merchants!"
~David Gurrse, Human Tourist of  Massiez'Laire

Basic Information


The Foxian are a fox-like Humanoid race that stands digitigrade and have a large bushy tail. They have claws on their feet and hands, golden eyes and a more athletic build with thin fur. They often are seen in red fur, orange fur, or tan fur with a lighter colored underbelly and snout. They often have darker fur on their lower legs and arms. Thier ears are pointed and have whiskers that are used to read the weather (oddly enough!) .

Ecology and Habitats

The Foxian are found mostly on the tropical Telosian Islands. They have adapted to the hot and humid weather here with thin fur and their whisker reading ability. They are a sea-faring speices as they often at times clash with the enigmatic Drakith of Pakau, whom they share their region with. As of late, they have been relatively peacefully coexisting, but at times, Drakith and Foxian ships will clash off the northern Telosian Islands. This falls to mostly an upbringing and language barrier that the two have underwent.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Foxians are mostly carnivorous. Having more fangs than the Raki, they often feed on fish and small game. They have also created farms for both fish and livestock in which they keep for their consumption and self-sustaining way of life. They do share nearly expert fishing techniques with their cousins, the Raki, mostly due to their common Bestial Ancestory.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The foxians are a very social species, which have no problem with interacting with others of their own kind and other races. In fact the Telosian tourist hubs have the most friendliest of interactions by both the Foxian and their Aviac neighbors. Their families are often open and are helpful to others. However their merchants can often rip off outsiders of their coins or money by selling items for an overpriced product. They are not nasty about it, but they will attempt to swindle more money out of foreigners than thier kind and natives.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Foxian have large pointed ears and whiskers that are unique to them, that allows them to be able to read the atmospheric pressure and humidity of the weather around them. They have excellent hearing and sight as well as smell, but not as effective as the more rough Raki. They are excellent navigators and are able to tell astronomy well as compared to others, making them excellent seafarers.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Foxians are not as loyal as their Raki cousins, however they do care themselves for the needs and wants of their partners and others around them. They are know nto get awfully along well with the Nozumi, and Foxian-Nozumi couples are not rare things. This is in favor of the idea of respect and honor. The foxians are a semi-Martial people, and are good fighters, a trait in which they share with the Nozumi.

Common Etiquette Rules

It is common etiquette to not deface, mess up, or shave a Foxian's fur and mane. They take extreme care of their fur, and they will only allow tattoos applied by only their fellow Foxians.  They pride themselves greatly with their fur pelts, and their clothing reflects this with sashes and kilts over pants and shorts. All but the females often also go topless, save for a few where one may wear a vest of sorts.

Common Dress Code

A foxian usually wears a kilt, sash and vest if not entirely topless. They pride their fur too much to cover it up. This is why some Foxians even tatoo themselves over covering up as a form of aesthetically pleasing circumstance. These vests and kilts are usually colorful and never go below their knees.


The foxcians come from the same meta-species the Raki came from. However these fox-like animals have evolved to attune to tropical islands and oceans rather than rought and harsh winters like the Raki. Due to this, the Foxians lived in relative comfort, and when the unlikely episode of a Foxian visiting the northern part of Gaia, they will feel the need to wear layers of coats to remain warm.  However due to their common origins, the foxian fur will grow thicker, but slower and be resistant to snow and rain. However they absolutly detest the idea of living in colder regions. This fact does not apply to all foxians though, as some are indeed found outside of Telos and about Gaia.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

They do not view others as lessers, but the chances of a Foxian and inter-species couples is not as high. They can be loyal, but they are known to at times favor better conditions. They have an affinity of attractiveness to their fellow Foxian and oddly enough, the Nozumi due to the favor of mutual honor.
Scientific Name
Vulpes Vulpes, Mammalia
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