Eldoredo Abraqas (Ell-Dare-raido- Abrak'As)

Elderedo Abraqas is the human nation on Kharis that is located soletly within the Acrectian Woodlands. It is a mostly human nation of farmers and traditionalists. A few beastmen are also home here, which are welcomed with open arms as family should be.  
"Casa Derado! My proud home of family and warmth, A beason to all siestas out there of Unity!"
~Sombrejo Fiesta Celebrant

The Fiesta del Sombrejo

SImply known as the Fiesta within Abraqas culture, this is a celebration of family and hearth. One of the biggest holidays that sole takes place in the nation. However it's culture is spreading to other friendly nations. The Celebration of Life and Family is sacred to most people who call Abraqas home.


The Nation of Abraqas is led by a prime minister and is advised by a council of commonwealth. These are all apointed by the Monarcy that only serves as symbolic aside from chosing who would thier nation lead. This person is often chosen from the elected Ministry of Commonwealth.   The ministry of Commonwealth is the democratically elected oligarchy that over sees the nation as a whole, it is from this pool where the king or queen apoint a prime minister to represent them. In the end, the person with political power would be teh Prime Minister and the Comonwealth Ministry.   The nation had abolished the crown's official pwoers hundreds of years ago, in mteh wake up a mad king's abuse of power. It was the people who brought power back, and apointed the ministry in lieu of the contested crown back then. The crown was ceremonially brought back when the monarchy had established it self in the wake of a contested crown and has since redemeed itself.


The culture of this nation is often similar to that of the Iberian Peninsula on Earth. There is a mix of minor cultures that all combined into what is seen on Gaia as Abraqan, or Acretian. They are a spirtual people, to a point that ancestors and spirits need offerings and apeasements to bring forth good fortune in the years ahead of the living.   The people are very tolerant of outsiders however they do expect beleifs to be respected and possibly observed. All in all, respect is what is expected above all else, and if this respect is granted, then the persons shall be permitted to remain as guests and posibly residents of Abraqas.   Thier stance on beastfolk is tolerant with a sort of curiosity. As a mostly human nation, they view the beastfolk as fascinating creatures and often try to learn about them. They are not exalted in anyway, just mostly greeted with curiosity.


The History of the Abraqan people can be dated back to the River tribes of Acretia. Two native people had found homes on each of the two rivers in thier lkand, the Great Ley River, and the Loveland Flow. The cultures had combined once they grew and had expanded out to the coast, where they had established port cities to the rest of Gaia. Along the way there, they had discovered that thier rolling hills would be perfect for vineyard fruits, mostly grapes for wines.   As they all grew they found that more and more of the land was good for something usefull, and had established farms, ranches, and wineries along the way to the coast. These establishments only grew larger and made global renown due to how greatly they were grown and cared for.   As time went on, Abraqas had modernized and became part of the world once trade was established. More people came, thier population exploded and they had attracted foreigners and foreign investments into thier industry. Years of this prosperity, had grown them into an Emerging world power. It is speculated they will become one within the next century.

Agriculture & Industry

The Industry and agriculture mostly lies within wineries and Vine plant crops. The primary economy is held together by the expoprt of wines and other spirits that are made with thier crops. With this being a leading exporter of crops and Wines, Abraqas can be safely considered an agricultural power. Most of the hired workers are wine workers and farmers.  
"If your wine is not from Abraqas, then you got the cheap stuff. Nothing compared to the Derado's!"

Trade & Transport

Most trade is done by Ocean-faring ships, and some airship traffic for further inland. Due to the country's coastal dominence, Shipping lanes are a very popular way to get goods to and from the nation to the world. It over sees the Norther most part of the Bellings Oceanbound trade routes and is often seen doing its anti-piracy patrols in the northern parts of the trade routes. It is often normal business to deal with the Merchant Marine of Abraqas.

"Tradition, Family, Home"

Alternative Names
El Deredo
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
The Commonwealth Ministry
Judicial Body
The Golden Forums
Executive Body
Commonwealth Justice Courts
Official Languages
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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