Arcretian Woodlands (Ah-kree-shaan)

The Arcretian Woodlands is a region in Kharis that also is home to the nation of Abraqas. The region is a pacific northwestern cloud forest that is warm year round.  
"Abraqas is a romantic nation, with thier lifestyles and general history of being a naval power. This is amongst the world powers that share Kharis with Sassliss and others...However it seems the two are not at odds, thank the gods."
~Scholar Antonie Sarkan, The Studies of Kharis


The lands of the Acretian Woodlands is often light forest with rolling hills, with its coast bareing redwood trees that line the entire eastern coast of the continent. The temprature is warm year round and rarly does snow make it in the lands. It often creates the storm system of Kharis as the Central Ocean's warm shores often has wind blowing it inland. The land also makes it a prime location to grwo vineyards of grapes and other crops that can't grow anywhere else.   The miles of Redwoods are often a barrier to the colder and more dangerous winds, but still a strong current could still billow past the trees and create havoc on the weather patterns going eastward. The region is know nto be rainy and usually damp, sometiems creating fog that sticks to the ground, thus calling the region a Cloud Forest. The climate is perfect for some grapes and fruit to be grown for thier wine industry.


The climate is damp and wet, yet warm enough to make it humid for most of the time of the year. Its often windy due to the rolling hills, a nd thus a releif to some who can't stand the humidity of the woodlands. The weather has also made for the use of terracotta and clay to be a large resorce used in construction of towns and cities within Abraqas.  
El Derato Abraqas is an interesting region, with the strange weather patterns we have here, we perhaps have the best produce Gaia has ever seen. The rain is bliss, warm, and gentle, unlike most other places."
~Carlito Avaresqata, Citizen of Abraqas


The humans here that made the region home have settled the country known as Abraqas and has been around since before Sassliss had started its crusades against the people of the continents. The land has been known for it's rich farmalands and epic vineyards. It is no suprise that the Wine Industry is one of Abraqas and the Acretian Woodland's most profitable exports.   Due to the roling hills, most of the civilization of the region is on the coast of the Central Ocean and amongst the Redwood Trees. Smaller farms and towns dot the landscape, which all have a loyalty to the land and the people of Abraqas. The region is protected in the east by mountains and Lake Bhajadam. It is marked by the natural borders of two majopr rivers as well, the Great Ley River and the Loveland Flow.  

The Great Ley River

Emptying into Kenzal bay from Lake Bhajadam is the Great Ley River. The history of this river alkong with its sister river (The Loveland Flow) are credited to be the lifebringers of the region. As the hills are hard to navigate without proper equipment, these rivers are both focal points of both Humans and Beastfolk that live along its banks. Itis said that this river has a leyline flowing through it, and most of the region's magically inclined have since settled the banks of it. The thoery has yet ot be proven, but Water magic has been starting to become a major thing here.  

Loveland Flow

The Loveland flow is the river that flows along Abraqa's southern border, and is home to most of the rice and wetcrop farms that make up ther farming economy. It is another Life Bringer, in which sealed the natural borders of the Nation of Abraqas within the Acretian Woodlands. Life along this river has more farming and Earthen Magic to it. However there is no oficial school that oversees any of this magic.
Alternative Name(s)
El-Derado of Kharis
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)
Included Organizations


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