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The Festival of Good Harvest

The bright lights of the festival still shone brightly over the colourful tents and stalls of the festival. For fifty years, gnomes have danced, sung, and feasted, day and night celebrating and causing merriment in the hopes that their good harvests will continue and their luck doesn't run out. 

Once, long ago, a festival was held in the centre square of Bellbrook, the capital of the Gnomish Lands. It was called the Festival of Good Harvest and it was held to celebrate the first successful harvest after several years of drought. The drought had taken a toll on the gnomish community, forcing the usually joyous gnomes to pinch and squeeze every last morsel instead of sharing meals and foods with all of their friends and family. But when the drought broke the harvest that followed was more bountiful than they could've ever imagined. So, they held their festival to celebrate this joyous occasion and to this day the gnomes continue to feast and celebrate in the hopes that the draught will never return.   Now, fifty years later the Festival of Good Harvest carries on, day and night, with gnomes visiting each and every day to partake in a vast assortment of foods while spreading merriment to all in attendance. The festival continues to be a hot spot and sees hundreds, if not more, gnomes visiting it's colourful stalls and tents each week. With gnomes of all shapes and sizes dancing, singing, and causing an all-around good time for all in attendance.    Some gnomes believe that if the party were to stop then the drought may return, and food shortages would return. Gnomes can be a superstitious bunch so they carry on partying, just in case. Though most gnomes are just thankful for the brevity the festival brings with it, and appreciate it's constant and close by presence. 
Food is a large and important part of Gnomish culture in general, but whenever a festival is held it almost always becomes the highlight of the celebration. The Festival of Good Harvest is no different, in fact, it is much grander than your normal festival feast. Any gnome that attends the festival can find a bevy of food no matter what time of day they find themselves there. Poached Eggs with Custard, Twisted Bread and Jam, and Frutours for breakfast. Pickled Cabbage, Fried Kidney Beans, and Mushroom Tarts for Lunch. Fried Eggplant with Mustard Sauce, Spiced Pottage of Turnips, and Roasted Rice for Dinner. And of course who could forget a gnomes favourite meal, Dessert. Which holds a large variety of sweets and baked goods like Plum Tarts, Almond Puddings, Sugared Pastries, and Mulled Wines.    Because of the long-enduring nature of this festival any and all gnomish foods, delicacies, and more have been laid out for people to feast on during its long tenure. Many days have even become known for a specific dish or kind of food, late weekdays have become known for homestyle cooking, especially on Sundays where a variety of elderly gnomes bring in homemade baked goods including, pies, scones, biscuits, cakes, and more. A fan favourite is Grandma Falruf's Cherry Torte.  
Events and games are another popular aspects of the festival, many gnomes have even begun to operate these events as their full-time professions, being convinced that the festival will in fact never end. All sorts of games and tomfoolery happen at the Festival of Good Harvest, and it is common to see a wide variety of games and challenges happening in all corners of the festival. Though some common games that can be found being played include Ring Toss, Bowling, Hoodsman Bluff, Draughts, Hammer Throwing, Archery, Walking on Stilts, Hopscotch, and Marbles.   Many spectacles come and go from the festival as well including magic shows, oddity museums, and shows of amazing dexterity. Though one of the most popular attractions is when old Binboo brings down a tribe of his world-famous goats from Binboo's Great Goady Farm. Gnomes will line up for hours to get the chance at relaxing and playing with these sweet little goadys.
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