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Binboo's Great Goady Farm

Binboo loved goats, as many gnomes did, he grew up with a trusty goady by his side noon and night. His friendly companions were always there through thick and thin, being quiet listeners when problems got him down, and stubborn guardians when he was faced with peril. All they wanted in return was grass to snack on, and the occasional scritch behind the ears. That's why Binboo knew when he left home, he was going to start the world's greater Gnomish Riding Goats farm of all time! He would raise and care for the highest quality goats, and sell them to caring families in need of companionship.   And when Binboo had enough saved up, he did just that, he struck out on his own, at the young age of thirty-five, and bought a small piece of land and a run-down farmhouse. He worked day and night for months, cleaning up the grounds and repairing the nearly derelict farm, though he made sure to stop for a healthy amount of breaks along the way. And of course, if he had visitors or travellers passed by he did the courteous thing and stopped to give them their fair due, because one must not forget, A Gnome Must Say Hello.   But finally, Binboo was able to adopt his first two goats. He was ecstatic and took mightly good care of them until they were old enough to find a new, permanent, home. When the day came to gift his beloved goats to their new owners, Binboo couldn't do it. He loved them far too much to part with them, so he didn't, he refused to give them up. The gnomes that were meant to take the goats were confused but left Binboo be, gnomes do not judge others for their oddities. From then on, Binboo would not sell a single goat and would rescue, adopt, and raise any goat he could find. And within a few decades, and with much help from family, friends, and his eventual husband Grado, he has cared for and raised a family of goats no other farm could rival neither in size nor quality.   Now almost a century and a half later, Binboo's Great Goady Farm sits on land big enough for hundreds of goats, a dozen farmhouses, and over a hundred and fifty family and friends that live and work together helping Binboo in his lifelong dream. The capital city of the Gnomish Lands, Bellbrook, has even declared Binboo's land and those that live upon an official village, with Binboo as its acting mayor. Many have come to call the farmlands and surrounding area, Binboo's Hamlet.   Now, nearly two hundred years old, Binboo has been running the farm for a hundred and sixty-two years, a grand accomplishment one that required a great deal of focus, a rare quality for a gnome to have, patience and determination. But age is beginning to catch up to Binboo, and his long time husband and partner Grado have begun to slow and have begun passing much of their daily chores to the younger generations, especially their daughter Bleby, in which they have high hopes for as head of the farm once Binboo fully retires.
The Farm and Binboo's Hamlet
The farm has grown quite large in the time that it has been in operation, currently residing on 200 acres of farmland just outside of Bellbrook. The property includes a variety of amenities both for the community and for the hundreds of goats that live there. This includes a dozen large farmhouses, dozens of acres of craving land, lazy rolling hills, and a variety of different environments for the goats to frolic and relax in. There are many picturesque places on the farm, that have either been created by hand over dozens of years of work or purchased when expansion was required. This includes a small forest of delicious deciduous trees that have lots of low hanging leaves to munch on and several large ponds that the goats love to linger at during the hot weather of summer months. The farm is meticulously cared for taking nearly the entire community of a hundred plus gnomes to keep it properly groomed and well-manicured. It truly is an oasis for the goats that reside there.   Surrounding the main farm is an additional 100 acres of land owned by the Binboo family, this land is primarily occupied by the residents of Binboo's Hamlet. For these gnomes that live on the farm's land, they are politely asked to assist with caring for the little goadys that live on the land and help with keeping the ground's of the farm healthy and safe. If they do so, Binboo is glad to have them stay at no charge at all, and as an added bonus the hamlet's residence can spend as much time with the cute little goadys as they want!   The residents of Binboo's Hamlet have built a beautiful little community for themselves, complete with rustic homes, lush gardens, and lovely miniature parks for them to spend their free time in while not tending to the needs of the farm and their goats. There are few shops in the hamlet as most of the gnomes residing on the land provide and trade amongst each other for their needs, and the majority of their food is grown in a special garden on the farm grounds, well away from the gnawing teeth of a hundred or more hungry goats.  
Vast Goat Resources
When Binboo made the decision not to sell his goats, he had to come up with a new way to earn enough to continue funding his goat sanctuary. Because his goats are so well raised their fur and milk are of exceptional quality. The goat's fur is shorn, and their milk milked only when the goat is comfortable having it done, which can be problematic at times but it is a strict rule on the farm. The farm only uses and sells what they can sustainable and ethical receive from their goadys, as they don't want to harm or stress them in any way.   The community then sells a variety of goat products made from their fur and milk in order to raise funds for the upkeep of the farm, which has become more and more costly as time goes on. These products include goat's milk items like soaps and cheese, and goat's fur clothing and linens. One surprisingly popular item is the special goady winter scarf, even though Bellbrook rarely experiences harsh winters.  
Is Binboo Really a Mayor?
Sort of, while Binboo has technically been declared the mayor of his small hamlet he really doesn't act like a ruler. He treats his little hamlet like a farm, with the residents of his community his farmhands, he leaves the rest up to fate and the decisions of those that live on his land. To be fair, much of gnomish society is like this, many gnomes are not confrontational and would rather take the more passive route, so it is rare to run into issues that require a heavy hand or law enforcement from 'above'.   Bellbrook hoes have a general counsel, in which matters of extreme importance are discussed between the mayors and higher-ups of the Gnomish Lands. Despite being a mayor, and always being invited to these events, Binboo has little interest in attending, never seen much of a point in his presence. Binboo does attend occasionally, however, but it is only when he is requested to come, usually when matters involve issues near his land, or if the council requires his expertise as a goat farmer of many decades. In which case, Binboo is happy to come and assist where he can.
Founding Date
596 EoC
Alternative Name(s)
Binboo's Hamlet
A Gnome Must Say Hello
Language | Jul 15, 2019
Gnomish Riding Goats
Vehicle | Aug 16, 2019

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