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A Gnome Must Say Hello

A proper Gnome must introduce themselves with a hearty hello, a broad smile, and enthusiastic wave!
— Mayor of Bellbrook, Felfam Hispip

A hearty wave and a happy hey is the gnome way.
In Gnomish culture, a friendly hello and thoughtful goodbye is a must. Whether it is a pleasant “Good Morning!” or an energetic “Hi!”, a gnome is expected to take the time to greet each other caringly. It is considered very rude to not introduce yourself or acknowledge a fellow gnome, especially in Bellbrook. Where if one ignores the morning/evening greeting or goodbye, it causes quite the gossip around town.  
“Hey, did you hear Bilzu didn’t greet Nidri this morning!? So rude! I won’t be visiting his shop any time soon, I tell you!”
  Outsiders may see this practice as odd, thinking that greeting a friend is quite alright but to greet all your neighbours and strangers you pass by? Isn’t that quite a lot? Doesn’t that take a lot of time out of their day? And yes, these observations are correct. In fact, the gnomish workday is quite short due to this common practice.
A common Gnome Day
The scene during the morning rush in the capital gnome city of Bellbrook is one of frantic and very loud yelling. With hundreds of gnomes attempting to reach their workplaces constantly having to stop and greet one another. It is a very loud and raucous place at this time. With hundreds of gnomes yelling and frantically waving their hands at each other in glee.   A gnome day begins around sunrise, a hearty breakfast follows, commonly consisting of biscuits, cheese, and pickled vegetables. Around 8 a.m. most gnomes will depart their homes and begin their walks to work. This is where the morning greetings begin, with each gnome stopping and heartily interacting with each and every other gnome they pass. These greetings take so long that most gnomes do not arrive at work until 11 a.m. or later. Here they will work the day away, making sure to warmly greet each of their customers. At 4 p.m. most shops close and the workers head home. Weary from their long day at work, they nevertheless ensure they wish all passing gnomes a warm good evening and happy “See you tomorrow!” Reaching their homes around 6 p.m. the tired gnome will dine with their family and rest for the evening. Eagerly awaiting the next morns greeting festivities.
Outside of Bellbrook
Gnomes are viewed with an odd sort of fascination outside of their home. Their exuberant positivity is met with caution and often confusion. Gnomes will do their best to keep their cultural practices and will introduce and greet all who will give them the time of day. A hearty wave and a happy hey is the gnome way. Which sometimes gets them odd looks and on occasion gets them into trouble.   Take, for example, a gnome from Bellbrook wandering past a common home in a quiet village. There they spot a fellow gnome, curiously standing in a strangers yard. Of course, with a sudden burst of excitement, shes crosses into the yard and exclaims, “Hi!!,” waving frantically in the sombre face of the stoic gnome. Sadly, they have yet to realize that this, is a garden gnome. A stone facsimile of a common gnome, often placed as decoration in the gardens of local homes. Though the eager gnome does not know this, Bellbrook doesn’t have such things. Why would they? They have plenty of gnomes already.   Despite this, the gnome stays true to their culture and gives plenty of time for a response from the uncharacteristically quiet garden gnome. Eagerly she awaits its response. Sadly, before that time can come to the owner of the home bursts forth from their front door and shoos away the gnome trespasser with a heavy-looking broom. Scared, confused, and disappointed the gnome flees the garden and its new gnome friend behind. Odd they didn’t respond, they must have been nervous. I’ll come back after lunch and try again, she thinks, positively brimming with the notion of another hello.
Facts about Greetings in Bellbrook
  • Bellbrook is a busy place, especially in the mornings. Nearly 25’000 gnomes live in this town, that is a lot of “Hellos!” and a lot of frantic waving.

  • So many hellos and goodbyes are exchanged a day that shops and businesses are typically only open a few hours a day.

  • If a gnome forgets or refuses a greeting it can seriously affect their standing in society.


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