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Gnomish Riding Goats

Good Morning Goady!
The tired gnome yawned and rubbed his eyes as he awoke from his slumber. The morning rays shone through the tiny window of his tiny hillside home. “Oh my,” the gnome said aloud, “It’s morning already?” The gnome slipped from his bed and began to ready himself for the coming day's work. As his breakfast cooked, he leaned out the open window and surveyed his small yard. “Hmmm,” the gnome hummed,” Grass, flowers, vegetable patch, but where is…”   “Meh-eh-eh! Meh-eh-eh!” the gnome looked down in surprise, directly underneath his window-sill stood a grey and white wiry-haired goat. A chubby little guy, casually munching on some long grass. “Good morning Goady!” the gnome said with a smile. “Meh-eh-eh!” the goat bleated in response. “Oh, I am so glad to hear your excited to start our day! Let me just finish up breakfast and we can depart!” said the gnome before disappearing back inside. The goat blinked lazily, each eye slowly closing, one before the other. Then returned to his meal of grass at his feet.   Before long the gnome was fully packed for his morning travel to nearby Bellbrook. He stepped happily down the steps of his home and approached his trusty stead. The gnome strapped a small padded riding harness to the goat and loaded on a few small pouches of provisions before slipping into the saddle himself. “How’s that goady? Is that comfortable?” the gnome asked the goat, patting its side gently. “Meh-eh-eh!” the goat bleated back. “Excellent! Then we shall be on our way then!” the gnome said excitedly, lightly squeezing the goats back end with his heels.   The Gnomish Riding Goat lurched forward and casually began their journey towards Bellbrook.
Physical Description and Capabilities
Gnomish Riding Goats are actually several different breeds of large goat, commonly used for transportation of goods and people throughout and around the Gnome capital of Bellbrook. These goats are mild-tempered animals and typically kind natured. They are on average about two feet tall and weigh up to two hundred pounds. They have thick wiry fur all over their bodies and come in a variety of colours including brown, grey, white, and black. They have large dark eyes and have surprisingly good eyesight, though their hearing sometimes lags in advanced age. Most goats have a small set of horns on the top of their heads, growing no more than a foot or so in height. The goats are quite long-lived as well, with some reaching the ripe old age of eighteen.   They can comfortably carry about fifty pounds on their back and still travel with ease. This is handy because the average gnome weighs roughly the same with some additional luggage on board. Gnomish Riding Goats can travel with this weight on their backs for a maximum of twenty kilometres a day. Far less than an average horse, but perfect for a gnome’s travel between their homes and the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Bellbrook.   Goadys have sure footing and can travel on even the most awkward of terrains. This includes high incline slopes and rocky uneven surfaces, though the Gnome passenger sitting upon the goat may suffer some discomfort during these kinds of hikes.
Place in Gnomish Society
Nicknamed Goadys, these goats are a common gift for young gnomes reaching their teenage years. Much like other cultures that gift dogs or cats to their growing children, much the same is the gift of a Goady. It is a sign of growth and is used to teach a greater responsibility to gnomes nearing adulthood.   They are treated as beloved family pets, despite their common use as pack animals. It is considered greatly distasteful to abuse or harms yours or another's goat. Though this is rare in Gnomish culture as this would be akin to striking a loved one or close friend. It is very much frowned upon and can lead to the removal of the pet from a household and would certainly affect the offending Gnomes societal status.   Many gnomes use these goats as a convenient form of transportation using them to travel between the tiny shires and villages of the gnome people in and around Bellbrook. It is also common for merchant minded gnomes to own multiple goats and use them to carry goods between various locations. Typically the owner of these goat herds will ride their favourite Goady at the head of the pack and lead them towards their destination. It is common to see a long hemp rope tied to the collars of each goat in the pack ensuring they don’t become separated or lost. The cacophony of awkward bleating from a travelling goat herd is music to a gnomes ears.

These goats are very mild in nature and rarely become irate or aggressive. They would much rather flee from danger than fight or risk danger. They will likely not attack a predator or aggressor unless backed into a corner. However, they become very attached to their owners and if they become endangered they may in dire circumstances come to their rescue. Making heavy snuffing sounds and slapping their hooves on the ground in front of them as a show of strength and bravado. This is used to buy the goat enough time to persuade their owner to hop onto their backs and flee the situation entirely.   Goadys are otherwise quite quirky and will spend a couple of hours a day jumping and playing with one another or their owner. The rest of their days when not travelling are usually spent nibbling on grass and napping. They are a pleasant and comforting companion for many Gnomes.
5 to 7 Gold Coins
2 ft. on all fours
Up to 200 lbs.
2 km an hour at a brisk pace, can travel up to 20 kilometers in day if healthy
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 Adult Gnome (or 2 Small Gnomes)

Cover image: Goat Caricature by Ali Arshad


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