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Lacey Larcoga Fentina

Lacey Larcoga Fentina

She watched him walk in, her chin casually resting in her palm as she leaned on the long reception counted in the libraries foyer. He was all pomp and bravado, he tried to hide it, he wanted to be inconspicuous today. And to the rest of the library's visitors, he was. But not her, she had an eye for seeing people for who they really were.   This one, in particular, was extra interesting to her, and not just because Lady Jezelbit had asked her to keep an eye on him. He was slender, not too tall, and had short dark hair. Underneath all those fancy clothes she could tell he had an athletic build, not a noble's body for certain. Though he tried his best to pose as one. But it was his eyes that enticed her most, sharp, focused, he was obviously a man with lofty goals, and those eyes showed the determination to reach them. He was kind of handsome, she thought as her mind momentarily drifted from the task at hand.   Her focused snapped back to attention as she noticed he was walking towards her. She quickly stood and began busying herself with work behind the reception counter. He approached the counter, placing a hand on the counter.   "Good morning miss, could you help me with something?" he said coolly.   "Oh, of course, sir, what can I help you with?" she said calmly addressing the man.   She didn't know it, but this first encounter would be the start of a bond that would entwine their lives forever.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lacey has a lean and agile frame, she is short by human standards sitting under five feet tall. Perfect for the numerous thieving opportunities that can be found littered across Roseport.

Body Features

Lacey shares most common traits with her kin species, the Murinae, a race of anthropomorphic mouse folk. She is short, under five feet tall, and has fine tan coloured fur covering her body. She is lean and athletic, with a long whip-like tail that moves as if it has its own thoughts.

Facial Features

Lacey has piercing light blues eyes and small mouse-like nose. Her ears sit slightly above where a humans would sit, they have a curved appearance much like a common mouse would have. She has fine dark red hair that nearly reaches her shoulders.

Apparel & Accessories

During the day Lacey would often wear ankle length pants with a short sleeve blouse, with an accompanying cardigan if it was cool out. If the occasion arose she would don something more elegant like a slim cut dress. She was once fortunate enough to wear a dress lent to her by famous fashion designed Lorne Rolfie.   Lacey's thieving attire is much different however, she wears dark clothing designed to hide herself in the shadows of Roseport's damp alleyways. She has two small daggers strapped to her sides and carries with her a number of specialized thieving tools carried in small pouches held on a belt around her waist.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lacey grew up in the country of Casarei, south of Heldrin. A far journey from the harbour city of Roseport where she would eventually call home. She grew up on a small farm with her family, they grew crops common to the Casarei area like wine grapes, apricots, and plums. She grew up with a large family, with her mother, father, and four siblings all living in a small home next to their farm. Lacey would stay here until her teenage years where she would grow tired of the monotony of farm life.   After many years of saving every coin, she earned and much begging to her father Lacey convinced her family to allow her to leave home and seek out higher education. Her family was hesitant but they begrudgingly would agree. Lacey would leave her home by the time of her 15th birthday and begin her search for higher knowledge.   Over the coming years, Lacey would travel the southern continents and study at various colleges, temples, and libraries. Soon becoming one of the most knowledgeable historians around. However this journey would come with many pitfalls, Lacey frequently ran out of money and would have to resort to pilfering food and clothing when she had the chance to. She learned she had a knack for it, though she made sure not to push her luck.   By the time she was 23, she found herself wandering the streets of Roseport. Full of knowledge and confidence, but lacking in coin and shelter. She spent days on end wandering the alleys of Roseport, stealing what she could but being careful not to take from those struggling much like her.  
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Lacey Larcoga meet Flora Jezelbit
Generic article | Dec 3, 2020

She covered herself with her dark cloak and held her breathe, hoping the guard would pass without noticing her.

  After some time in Roseport, Lacey would have a chance encounter with Flora Jezelbit. A lady of high standing in Roseport, and the secret leader of the Roseport Thieves Guild. Flora would help train Lacey as a Master Thief. Through the next few years, Lacey would hone her skills and gain more pronounced standing in Flora's Thieves Guild, eventually become one of her closest confidants.   Lacey would begin work as a historical researcher and lead receptionist at the Central Library. This gave her the opportunity to continue in her original goals as a seeker of knowledge and continue her work for the thieves guild during the night.   Her life would be the most prosperous it had ever been during these times. However, things would take another dramatic turn when Knox Sticher entered her life. That's when her life would become exponentially more complicated.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Central Library Lead Historian/Master Thief
Year of Birth
729 EoC 29 Years old
Current Residence
Roseport - Iona District
Light Blue
Short Tan
110 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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