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The morning had been sunny with a few lazy clouds floating in the quiet Cassarei breeze. Just the way he liked it. Edgar's tail swept across the recently watered dirt as he made his way through the rows of apricot trees planted on his farm. He enjoyed a simple life, a farmer's life spent tilling and caring for his crops each day for many years now. He smiled as he watched his four younglings sprint through the rows of fruit trees, playing another game of catch. He chuckled, he couldn't keep track of his young pups even if he tried.   It was nearing lunchtime as he finished tending to the final tree in this area of the farm. Wiping the sweat from his furry brows he put his tools down gently and stood, arching his back in a poor attempt to loosen the knots he had worked up during the morning. He eventually gave up and began walking towards his small home.   "Come on kids!" he yelled towards his excited children, "Time for lunch, don't make your mother wait."   His children scampered past him rushing through the door. He eventually made his way in as well and was greeted by his wife who had just finished setting the table. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and sat at the head of the table, motioning his wife to do the same. After a few moments, he was able to corral his four children to do so as well. Though their tails continued to whip at each other under the table. Unavoidable, they had a mind of their own, each one another untamable child brimming with energy.   He noticed his youngest, his daughter, was holding her head in her hands. Shoulders sagging under the weight of her thoughts.   "Lacey dear, are you okay?" he asked leaning forward. She was only six years old but already she was the most clever of their four children.   She shuffled in her chair in response to his question, staring down at her plate through her clasped hands.   Obviously, she had something on her mind, she was quiet even for Murinae standards. "Come now Lacey, speak your mind."   Slowly she lifted her head from her hands and looked at him, "Am I a bad daughter if I dream about leaving the farm?" she said through teary eyes.   The question took him by surprise, he struggled to find words. "No dear, of course not. You are meant for great things, you are smart and would be a gift to the world at large. Do not fear for us, one day when you are older we can talk about sending you abroad." He knew what he said was not wholly true. He knew she would eventually leave, whether he liked it or not. He feared he would never see her again, and she would flourish but at the cost of her family.   Lacey smiled excited at the thought, "Ok dad, I feel better now!" and as if the conversation had never happened she hurriedly started eating her meal. Forgotten were the thoughts of leaving home. For now. But Edgar knew that one day those thoughts would be realized and he would have to deal with her leaving home. His tail curled nervously under the table. What Edgar didn't know was that his words to his daughter would become truer than he could ever realize. She would be a gift to the world at large, and she would become an adventurer and scholar far beyond her biggest dreams.

Basic Information


Murinae come in many shapes and sizes much like all peoples of Fyria, in fact, they may have a larger variety of distinctions than most sapient species. Most of the adult Murinae share an average height of between 3'6 and 4'7, and weight between 75 and 120 lbs., though of course there are always the exceptions.   The Murinae are a bipedal species, much the same as any human, elf, or gnome. What makes them stand apart is their shared physical attributes with that of a rodent or mouse. The Murinae have large mouse-like ears, small pointed noises, and a long whip-like tail. Most Murinae have a fine fur covering their bodies, the colour, and patterns of this fur are almost countless in variety. Some individuals lack this fur and share more attributes with humans, this is typically signs of a family line that included humans or other humanoid species in its history.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Murine is a common race in Fyria and can be found dispersed amongst the various nations of the world. The most concentrated populations of Murinae are found on the west coast of Fyria specifically in Cassarei, Heldrin, and the Empire of Aldelgis.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Murinae have poor eyesight in bright condition but have access to limited low-light vision. Their tails, however, are very sensitive and this allows the Murinae a greater sense of their surroundings. When their tail strikes or brushes up against something, even a smallest of touches will give the Murinae a passing glimpse of what it is their tail has touched. Their large ears also allow the Murinae a much better sense of hearing when compared to other races.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Murinae name their children dependant on what culture or nation they have grown up in. Examples of such would be the renowned historian Lacey Larcoga Fentina who was born and raised in Cassarei, Lacey's family name is of a common naming convention in that land. Or Bernhard Stein, a native of the Empire of Aldelgis. Both examples show how the Murinae have spread out throughout the world and taken on the cultures and naming traditions of whatever land they have come to call home.

Common Taboos

It is considered extremely rude to touch or pull on a Murinae's tail without express permission as the tail is incredibly sensitive and can cause a severe amount of pain or damage if touched or hit suddenly. Grabbing a Murinae's tail is one of the few things that will instantly turn a Murinae's typically calm demeanour sour. So be careful unless you are looking for a fight.


The Murinae have been living in the lands of Fyria for countless years, they are a common race in the world, especially in the west where they are viewed as just as normal as any other folk. Their race hasn't been around quite as long as other races, especially the elves and dwarves which are considered some of the oldest races around. Most assume the Murinae began settling into larger groupings and settlements at about the same times as the humans did.   Murinae are fairly peaceful people, they look to avoid any major conflicts, trying their best to avoid violence or commotion amongst their people. As far as most people know the Murinae have never fought amongst themselves and have rarely joined in on any major armed battle. Only picking up arms when absolutely necessary or when their nation calls upon them to serve, even then the Murinae will avoid battle unless their lands are targeted directly. Of course, individual families have squabbled and fought but not major civil wars have arisen in their time on Fyria.

Historical Figures

There have been few major Murinae historical figures known to the world outside of the Murinae people. Though a few have begun making their names known in their respected fields in the current age of Fyria. One such mouse is Bernhard Stein, a scout in the Aldegian army, not much is known about him at this time but his future holds many paths some of which hold great glory, others lead to a terrible demise.   Much more is known about Lacey Fentina, a historian living in the nation of Heldrin. Originally from Casarei she left home and studied throughout the western coast of Fyria eventually finding herself setting in the harbour city of Roseport. There she would fall under the tutelage of Flora Jezelbit, an heiress and secret leader of the thieves guild. With Flora's help, she would become a master thief and lynchpin member of the guild while also gaining a high ranking position in the cities Central Library. Lacey would soon become a part of a group of guild associated thief adventurers and her life would change dramatically. She and her associate's actions would lead to drastic change both in the city of Roseport and the nation of Heldrin.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Murinae are commonly timid and keep to themselves, due to this their relationship with other species is typically a subservient one. Though races like humans, gnomes, and dwarves usually get along well with Murinae people and will treat them well and with respect. Other races, however, like the elves and avanii people will commonly look down quite heavily on the Murinae and will openly mock or tease the shy mouse-folk.
Scientific Name
60 - 80 yrs.
Average Height
3'6" - 4'7"
Average Weight
75lbs. - 125 lbs.
Average Physique
Murinae typically have slim physiques and are considered one of the smaller humanoid races being taller than an average gnome but roughly the same height as a common dwarf. Though the Murinae typically gains some weight during the colder months in order to more comfortably survive the harsh weather. Those that do not live in these kinds of climates do not forgo this transformation, if they, however, were to find themselves in this weather their bodies would take some time to adjust but would eventually gain the same effect.

Cover image: Mouse Knight by Satoshi Matsuura


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