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Ether Crystals

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Ether Crystals are a translucent mineral found in various mountains in the Empire of Aldelgis. They hold the unique ability to absorb and store Ether, a unique energy some believe is the source of all magic in the world. Ether Crystals have revolutionized magical powered technology in Aldelgis, the empire is very protective over this resource. Therefore the sorts of technology that is powered by Ether Crystals are rarely found outside the borders of the empire.


Material Characteristics

The crystal come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they are typically a clear translucent crystal. Once mined, these crystals are shaped into various forms depending on what the intended use is. Once charged with Ether the crystals change from being clear to being any sort of colour. The colours are typically a light blue or purple but can be any sort of colour including green, yellow, orange, red, or more. Colour is determined primarily by the mage charging them but can also be affected by any sort of external influences including weather, temperature, emotion, etc.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Before they are charged the crystals have a glassy feel to them and are cool to the touch due to being naturally found in deep caves and tunnels. After being charged, however, they become smooth and carry a small charge to them. Depending on the size and amount of Ether held in the crystals they can either have an almost pleasing static feel to them or through off enormous bolts of electricity, though the later would require a crystal of immense size.


Ether Crystals are the only known object that can hold the magical energies of Ether. This, in turn, allows them to be inserted into all sorts of interesting objects to be used in all manners of interesting ways. Some examples include lighting structures, communication devices, cooking appliances, and even military items like tanks, mechs, and other weaponry. Though the later takes immense work and a lot of energy and only a few of the aforementioned tanks and mechs currently exist.

Geology & Geography

The crystals are typically found deep within the mountain ranges within the Empire of Aldelgis. Specifically, the Wulfetier Mountains and the Gilded Mountains have been known for their large deposits of Ether Crystals. The crystals are found in the depths of the mountains within large caverns and tunnels, and for some odd reason, they are commonly found near natural springs and ponds. The reasons for this is currently unknown.
Clear (Uncharged), Various Colours (Charged)
Common State
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