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Merchant Ships

The Physical

What Is The Vessel Designed To Do?

  A merchant ship is a vessel used for the purpose of transporting cargo across oceans namely the Atlantic Ocean, however for the purpose of the spice trade and other trade items that are grown or produced in hotter climates, then the ship can be found going through the Suez Canal.   This is for the purposes of getting to India and other countries that are coastal in the Indian and Pacific oceans without having to go south of Africa, which can be dangerous due to currents and storms.  

Does It Prioritise Speed, Or Armour, Carrying Capacity Or Something Else?

Merchant ships prioritise carrying capacity. The ships carry crates that are 50cm (1’ 7.69”) cubes in size.  

How Large Is It?

Merchant Ships are typically 35.74 meters by 9.32 meters (117.26 feet by 30.6 feet) and have two main decks. With one higher deck for the ship’s wheel called the helm.  

What Is It Made From?

  Merchant ships are made from wooden beams, boards, planks and for the purposes of stopping leaks wood tar is used. If the wood comes from Birdencaster the wood will be pine from it’s Forestry Industry.  

Does it carry any weapons or armour?

As part of defending themselves and their cargo and themselves, they are armed with rifles that are bolt loaded. This is because pirates are and continue to be an issue.

The History

What Grand Adventures Has Your Ship Taken Part In?

This ship took part in The Chocolate Wars. The conflict was over the trade of cocoa beans that were being hijacked by pirates. This conflict ultimately ended in a British defeat. After the conflict the British traded with the Portuguese for Carob.
35.74 metres (117.26 feet)[1]
200–300 tons
80 to 100 miles a day
(3.33 to 4.17 mph or 5.36 to 6.71 kph)
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
160 Passengers, 80 Tons of Cargo

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