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Forestry Industry is the second biggest industry within Birdencaster which spans from Segment 12 to 4 in Zone 5. The Forestry industry looks after a forest of Pine Trees that spans the above segments, its forests are used for wood which supplies the city’s industries in Zone 3.   The Forests in Segment 12 are set aside for Amber Production.  

The Effects of The Great Rewind on the Forestry Industry

  The Forestry Industry was affected by The Great Rewind as they do not use chainsaws, but do use a portable sawmill.   As the portable sawmill is more needed as it is useful. The Sawmill however needs diesel to function as oil-based fuels are no longer available. What is instead used is biofuel. Since Birdencaster can’t produce enough for everyone, however, some other industries do use the biodiesel to run generators to be able to power corded drills, in the use for installing solar panels onto rooves. The city has opted to give the second biggest industry, its used cooking oil to make the biodiesel which allows the industry to function.  

Forestry Industry Contents

Below are the articles detailing parts of the Forestry Industry.
Forestry: Tools What tools the Forestry Industry uses
Forestry: Harvesting From Tree to Wood, how a tree is harvested in the Forestry Industry
Forestry: Buildings What buildings they use in the Forestry Industry
Forestry: Jobs What Jobs are involved in the Forestry Industry
Forestry: Issues What issues, that can occur in the Forestry Industry
Forestry: Products The products made from trees in the Forestry industry

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