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Anvilite Community Awards 2020

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Update, February 6, 2020. Posted 23:00 World Anvil time:   These are the results of our small Community Awards ;) To all the winners - contact me in Discord, Teyvill#3167   TITLE: MOST COMEDIC POSTMODERN ARTICLE AWARD   NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 4   SPONSOR: Teyvill   PRIZE: a "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett, hardcover OR a $25 Amazon Gift Card, whichever is available and preferable by the winner.   WINNER: Timepool (Garett Lewis)   ARTICLE: "Agnew Sr's"     COMMENT: This article hits all the right notes. It's about a food chain, but many urban myth-styled things about it are real. The quotes used by the author are also golden, loved it!     TITLE: BEST MYTH OR LEGEND AWARD   NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 16   SPONSOR: TheChangeling   PRIZE: a 25$ Tabletoploot gift card   WINNER: Brinsmead   ARTICLE: "The Weave of Time"   COMMENT: When I first read this myth, I could feel the old parchment in my hands as I read the old legend. The ballad is beautifully written, and the extra theories really add some depth and credibility to the story, and throughout the article you can really get a feel of the world itself, and the type of people who live in it.   TITLE: MOST DISORGANIZED RELIGION AWARD   NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 4   SPONSOR: Teyvill   PRIZE: Production of a video primer for the winner's world.   WINNER: Hughpierre   ARTICLE: "Āmatlahcuilo"   COMMENT: I loved the idea of a religion of storytellers, it's as though minstrels from Occitane were not religious dissidents but priests themselves. There's even a denomination of basically limerick writers, which is awesome! ;)   TITLE: BEST FESTIVAL AWARD   NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 9   SPONSOR: TheChangeling   PRIZE: the Quest RPG physical gamebook   WINNER: Qurillion   ARTICLE: The Cull Ritual     COMMENT: As with most of his works, Qurilion manages to go into incredible detail while keeping every part just as interesting and wonderfully creative as the other. The Cull is an original festival which ties into many other aspects of the world, making for a full experience as one reads through the article.     TITLE: THE MOST INVOLVED CHARACTER AWARD   NUMBER OF ENTRIES: 10   SPONSOR: E. Christopher Clark   PRIZE: a custom illustration by Chris and a copy of Jeff VanderMeer’s excellent Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction (or a $20 gift card to the bookstore of the winner's choice).   WINNER: Maybe Stewart Artist   ARTICLE: Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir   COMMENT: Stewart's article epitomized what we were looking for: "a character that’s so involved with the setting" that we could get lost in their world for hours and hours with all the links to other articles.        
Update, January 16, 2020. Posted 13:30 World Anvil time: We, the category sponsors, have read through all 43 entries by 28 unique authors submitted to our 5 categories, and we have selected 5 winners. The World Anvil team agreed to proclaim them in the Official Celebration Stream for WorldEmber which is expected on January 30, 2021. That's when you'll learn who the winners are! See ya in two weeks!
Update, January 5, 2020. Posted 11:00 World Anvil time: In 12 hours, we'll stop accepting article submissions. May the best articles win! We reserve 10 days for reviewing articles, but we may need more time to determine the winners. I (Teyvill) am also checking with WA staff if they could name the winners of the ACA during the World Ember stream in the end of January ;).
Update, December 29, 2020: The categories are now in place, there won't be new ones, and we're waiting for more submissions until January the 5th. Check your articles and link 'em if they fit the category!

What is ACA?

  Anvilite Community Awards is an initiative to launch a small competition, where World Anvil Creators can invent "award categories" for others to complete, and also answer other people's categories published on this very page. The spirit of this competition is more akin to the Academy Awards of Game Awards, but with individual sponsoring. The inventor of a category also decides what the prize for it will be, and posts it in the category page beforehand. By the end of December we'll have this "Not-so-Secret meritocratic Santa" thing going on ;)   The most beautiful thing is that you don't really have to write an article to answer the category if you have one already written in 2020. We don't want to distract people from their World Ember goals ;)  

Why do it?

  Well, I assume we all love gifts, both getting them and giving them. ACA provides an additional opportunity to do so for your Anvilite collegues! In fact, if I remember correctly, those who sponsor World Ember prizes can't themselves get prizes (or is it only per category?). And the prizes in ACA are intended to be on the more affordable side, just to reward your fellow worldbuilder for job well done ;)  

What are the rules?

  First, some terms. "Posting a category" means that you invent a category for the others to complete and you yourself will be the judge of who wins. "Answering a prompt" means that you make a submission (send a link to) your own article you have for the category and enter the competition for this category's prize.  
  1. You can't answer categories you yourself posted (this is a no-brainer).
  2. Articles that answer categories should be in English for the convenience of everybody ;)
  3. If you post a category, list a gift you're willing to give to the winner of this category.
  4. An article can be written at any point of 2020. If people already have written articles for the category, it's okay. If they don't, they're able to write one ;)
  Not many rules, as you can see.  
If you want to post a category
  Make a category page. Create a Generic Article somewhere in one of your worlds, and explain the category you want people to write. Add an example for clarity, and list the prize you're willing to give to the winner. The prize can always not be monetary! A free commision, maybe you'll make a map for the winner, or help them with something - your pick! Leave some space for the judgement report you'll be writing after you select a winner ;)   There are no rules to how the category should sound, but it would be great if it had "The most ... of 2020" in it. You can check my own category for reference.   Link your category page in the comments to this very article and I'll add it to the list below. Make sure you have time to read the articles and write a post-mortem for your choice.  
If you want to answer a category
  Just leave a link to your own article in the comment section of the corresponding category page and you're golden!  

The timetable

  I think the categories should be finalized before December 28, 23:59 World Anvil Time, so we wouldn't have unanswered ones.   I also propose accepting all entries up until January 5, 23:59 World Anvil Time, so everybody has about 20 days to make a submission with their articles. Then, let's take two days to review the articles and make our decisions on who won our categories. The final table of winners will be posted on this page.If it will look like it might take way more time than anticipated, I'll make a decision on prolonging the time of review  
I've contacted the World Anvil team, specifically Janet, and they endorse this initiative. Moreover, if we get more than 20 entries, the winners will be announced during the World Ember 2020 Awards Ceremony steam. Now, I feel like by 20 entries they meant "20 articles competing for a category". But it would be awesome if we had 20 categories, each with their own prizes. Can we do it? :)
  Without futher ado, let's see...  



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Andrew Belenkiy
12 Dec, 2020 20:13

Feel free to leave your Category suggestions and Category article links here or DM me in Discord, Teywiłł#3167

Grandmaster KajetanWrites
Kajetan Krakowiak-Świątnicki
24 Dec, 2020 21:00

Just pointing out that E. Christopher Clark's link goes to changeling author page

Check out the world of Veneficia
Andrew Belenkiy
24 Dec, 2020 21:32

Woah. Is it? Damn, I've checked it and it went to Chris' page as it should. Maybe smth is wrong with the css? Gonna check it fist thing in the morning, thanks!

Andrew Belenkiy
24 Dec, 2020 21:33

Ah nvm. Got it. Forgot to change the link on the name. Thanks for reporting it.

Andrew Belenkiy
24 Dec, 2020 21:36

Fixed now!

5 Jan, 2021 22:08

What a fantastic idea. I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier. Are you thinking of running this Award for 2021? I'd would love to judge a "Best Cartography 2021" and would offer to make a map of whatever the winner wanted, in any of the mapping styles I publish over the year.   Let me know. Would love to take part   DMG

Why not join me on Tyrhos - who knows what adventures we might have!
Andrew Belenkiy
6 Jan, 2021 06:37

Well, we'll wait and see, but yeah, if all goes well, ACA 21 will be a thing :)