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Fringe Earth

Welcome to Earth, citizen! I bet you don't know anything about it! You might think you do, but you're wrong. Earth was once filled with Magic, and Magnificent creatures had roamed the lands, and powerfull spellcasters could unleash the might of gods upon you! But Time took it all from us...
Well... Most of us...
There are these time-travellers... They claim they can still witness these marvels of creation. We don't really believe them. Then again, most people don't believe us.

Are you one of us?

Or are you just aspiring to learn the truth? In that case, you might want to brace yourself, for the information you're about to receive is not for conventionally-minded.
Here you can find thousands of sources that tell us about the true essence of our world! We've collected writings of many forgotten chroniclers, thoroughly hidden from the general public. You can now proceed to research them.

Homepage image credits:
The White Tower, the world's cover - by Imperiat, comissioned by Teyvill for Vicissitudes of Time 2   Stonehenge by Sanjay Nair   Pyramids by Bruno Girin   Colloseum by William West   Castle from PxHere   Versaiiles by Jorge Láscar   Revelations cover made in DALL-E