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by Teyvill via Midjourney

  Meistramser92 is an anonymous poster on Fringe sections of Social Media. His posts mostly concern Time Travel and its mechanics. He usually writes Twitter-like threads in a Fringe Society Messaging App. His writing style is based on him trying to explain difficult concepts using the simplest possible language.    
Zikri Mohammad Rayyan
by Teyvill via Midjourney
  Zikri Mohammad is a well-known writer and publicist in the Fringe Society. Born in Kuala Lumpur in 1985, he finished University of Malaya and went on a string of archaeological expeditions all over South-Eastern and Central Asia. He's a learning genius: he was finished with the regions in just 10 years, and just when he was planning to go dig in China, he learned about the Fringe. Zikri Mohammad writes in a style that's more akin to modern history books: not too click-baity, but not too scientific either.    
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