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Brother Osbeorht

by Teyvill via Midjourney

  Brother Osbeorht is a VIII century Christian monk that dedicated his life to collection and codification of writings about disappearing Inhumans and other elements that are considered "Fringe" by today's standards. He lived his entire life in Saint Augustine's Abbey in Kent, modern England and had a reputation of a recluse. Allegedly, he got his hands on a library that used to belong to Merlin himself, but there is also quite a lot of local lore in his works. Brother Osbeorht writes in a manner intrinsic to many Early Medieval chroniclers: his recitation of events is heavily mixed with his commentary, sometimes to an undistinguishable degree. Brother Osbeorht also often addresses his writings to the current ruler of his region, making it very easy to trace the period in which the piece was written.    
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