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Summer Kingdom

  The Summer Kingdom lies to the East and is the largest of the four kingdoms. It is a kingdom based on the trade that flows through the city states lining the Coast of the Satioun Shore. The vast swathes of burning desert do little to sustain life, so the kingdom is light on certain resources. However, the mineral deposits and trade concentrated along the Shore, along with the stubborn industry of its people, keep the Kingdom thriving.   And anyone who says otherwise can listen to the ranting of any Summerian who hears.  


  The Summer Kingdom is known for being hot and sandy, and it certainly is. But there is more to the desert kingdom than just the dunes that form its heart.  

Desert Life

Once you travel through the Canvas Valley and past the Spring Rim, the grass and flowers of Spring melt into the sands and the heat of Summer. The Summer Kingdom is similar to Winter in that vast portions of it are just about uninhabitable. The Desert of the Shifting Sands is dominated by cascading sand dunes and edged by dried, cracked earth. However, it does manage to sustain some life. Life that doesn’t mind the sun beating down like a waterfall, unrelenting and unswayable. Oases doggedly spring up around the infrequent oases. The Forest of Spines grows both delicious fruits and dangerous predators. And the lizard herds soak up the sun like the scrubby plants hoard water in the infrequent rains.  

Shored Up

However, on the other side of the Desert lies the true heart of the Summer Kingdom. The Coast of the Satioun Shore stretches out into the ocean, populated by a chaotic jumble of towns and city states, most of them thriving hubs of trade in their own right. The Shore is still desert land, but the rocky cliffs that dip towards and away from the ocean tides allow a variety of scrub and tough plantlife to grow. Primarily, this area has rich ore deposits that continue up the Flame Peaks, known by the Winter Kingdom as the Frozen Range.

No Man's Land

Further toward the south, the rocky cliffs give way to the Tide Plains, a swathe of land riddled with islands, shallow reef, and beaches. And beyond the Plains, the sand melts into the Deadlands, claimed by neither Autumn nor Summer. The dead grey trees and the sparse savannah the mark the border between the kingdoms stand silent and unoccupied, save for the orc tribes that occasionally roam there.

Culture and Politics

  Summerian folk bend and adjust to their elements, the unpredictable sand flurries of the desert or the crashing waves of the ocean. Their values prioritize passion and its fuel for life, change and its inescapability, creation and destruction in all their forms. Summerians can be rather...intense. And although their enthusiasm is formidable, it is somewhat tempered by the kingdom’s relative lack of organization.   Do they have a monarchy? Yes. Do people respect it? Sure. Are they the only kingdom with both a postal system and a library system? You bet. But each settlement has its own independent governing body that listens to the monarchy only tangentially and will throw down (verbally) at the slightest provocation.   The merchant nobility of the Summer Kingdom hold a large amount of sway over events, possessing the resources from the rich trade of the Coast to set up city-states within the kingdom. The Quintessency governs the kingdom in name, establishing laws, enforcing justice, and managing international relations. But the nobles that attend the Quintessent Court wield an incredible amount of power over a government that is becoming more unstable with every passing day.  
Despite the internal bickering and external bristling, the Summer Kingdom is respected for its skilled artisans and excellent cuisine. And there’s nothing like watching the Sun set to the east into the broad open sea.

Places of Note


The Capital

Settlements of note include the capital city of Halitara, with a bustling port district and one of the greatest markets on the continent, the Marketheart. The temple district of Sunhaven is likewise a sight to behold, with almost every well-established underworship of The Four Deities represented. Halitara is also, naturally, home to The Quinseat, the stronghold of the Summerian monarch, the Quintessence. The Quinseat has hosted some of the greatest royal dramas of the last century and surely will host many more.  

Here for a Good Time

Further north up the coast is Felimandoo, which hosts the Feast of Tricks, a three-day festival celebrating the Woman of Woe and a time at which you must watch your pockets and your patience and possibly your sense of humor. The rest of the year, it is known for its fantastic entertainment and nightlife. People often travel there to have a good time. After all, what happens in Felimandoo stays in Felimandoo.

Unique...In a Good Way

Further south is the fishing settlement of the Gaidarans, spoken of in the multiples because it is actually a series of villages that started as isolated fisheries and grew until they bled together into a haphazard string of civilization. As the last big settlement before reaching the Autumn Kingdom, it is a frequent stopping point for infrequent travelers and caravans. And it can always use people willing to help with clearing up the sea monsters. They swear, they breed like rats...
Settlements in the Summer Kingdom
Abgan town located just south of the Canvas Valley, common stopping point when traveling between kingdoms
Etakuda city state southern most Summerian city, known for its excellent seamstresses and fabric production
Felimandoo city state second biggest city in Summer, known for its entertainment and part atmosphere
Halitara capital city capital of Summer, home to The Quinseat and the Marketheart
Hanka town small town just south of Halitara
Ivaran city state last city before reaching the mountains
Naiko village equidistant from both Halitara and Felimandoo but further into the desert, primarily populated by lizard herders
Narwhada village fishing village located far north, smallest settlement to host a Trial
Oasis of the Muda town the biggest settlement in the Desert of the Shifting Sands
Ounacho village small village nestled in the cliffs below Felimandoo
Pobari town located between Sartola and Etakuda, known for its culinary exploits
Sabsang city state the furthest north Summerian settlement, nestled at the base of the mouth of the radiance, an active volcano
Sartola town largest town in Summer, constantly on the edge of becoming a city state
the Gaidarans city state a collection of fishing villages on @the Tide Plains that eventually bled into one another to form a city state
National Territory
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