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Four Kingdoms

Current Date: 14th of the Evening, 912 A.D.

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For as long as history cares to remember, there have been Four. Some scholars posit that perhaps they were not always called Summer, Winter, Spring, and Summer, but those scholars are generally ignored. Because what would be the sense in calling a land where the season never strays from its designated course anything else?   What sense indeed?   Leave the names and the seasons to the scholars. Instead spend your days tending the planes and farms of the Spring Kingdom, braving the deserts and coastal cities of the Summer Kingdom, getting lost amongst the trees and insular societies of the Autumn Kingdom, or fighting your way through the snow-laden land of the Winter Kingdom. Each kingdom has its own adventures and stories to share, its own way of honoring the magic and divinity that shape them, and its own dangers to traverse.   Maybe you'll even be able to make sense of them.   A high magic, high divinity setting rife with mysteries, eccentricities, and adventures for any kind of player, the land of the Four Kingdoms is one part reality, two parts daydream.