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As hot as the winter is cold, the summerlands are defined by the high temperatures that make it inhospitable to all but the most stubborn of life forms. They are dominated by the Desert of the Shifting Sands. The desert stretches up to the Spring Rim in the west and only ends when the ice begins in the north. Most of the desert is loose sand, shifting dunes, and sparse vegetation. However, the closer you get to the shore to the east, the more diverse the biome becomes: forests of cacti, swathes of rocky scrubland, even a bit of bog at the southern border.
At various points in history, the summerlands have been inhabited by the Dragons of the Flame, the Fire Element, and probably someone before all that. Now home to the Summer Kingdom and the Orc Tribes, which do not recognize Summerian authority.
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Cover image: Kingdom Spread by Kethry Tiggs


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