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The Four Kingdoms

The Four Kingdoms exist on a continent that has never, as far as anyone is aware, had a name. It has always been home. There has never been another. For centuries, for millennia, this has been the way.
  And for all that time, there have been Four.
  Well, for a little bit there were Five, but even then, there were still at least four so we'll stick to the simpler narrative.


  The geography of the Kingdoms is one of extremes. The change from desert to pasture to just as abrupt as the change from desert to snow, as pasture to dense forest, as land to sea. This causes some strange weather at the boundaries to complement the intense weather inland. And the small size of the continent means that each Kingdom only has a few distinct geographical features to call their own.
  To the west lay the springlands. The gently sloping hills of spring are covered by plains of grasses, tall, low, and otherwise. The plains are interrupted only occasionally. The humid atmosphere that sustains the plains is trapped and sustained by the Spring Rim, the mountain range which surrounds the lands on all sides, broken only by the shoreline to the west.
  To the north lay the winterlands, characterized by their extremely low temperatures. The temperature begins to drop abruptly as you pass over the Spring Rim to the south, the difference felt as soon as you pass from one side of the mountain range to the other. Go far enough north and you'll hit glacier country. To the east, the Frozen Range begins, a smaller mountain range that curves down into the summer lands.
  To the east lay the summerlands. As hot as the winter is cold, the summerlands are defined by the high temperatures that make it inhospitable to all but the most stubborn of life forms. They are dominated by the Desert of the Shifting Sands. However, the closer you get to the shore to the east, the more diverse the biome becomes.
  To the south lay the fallands. The relatively mild (albeit somewhat chilly) climate of the autumn lands in addition to its rocky terrain make it an ideal ecosystem for the sprawling forests that cover it. A web of rivers threads between the trees, sustaining the diverse wildlife that makes its home beneath the boughs.


There was nothing and then there were the dragons and then there was the chaos and then there were the Elements and now there are only the Kingdoms.


  • The Four Kingdoms
    The continent of the Four Kingdoms, in all its hexy glory.
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Cover image: Kingdom Spread by Kethry Tiggs


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